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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ajmal Qasab Has Been Hanged In Puna Jail In India

Ajmal Qasab who was shifted to Indian Yarowada jail and was hanged om Wednesday early in the morning. He was buried in the jail. He was accused of Mambai attacks on Taj Hotel. His hanging was kept so secret that no media could know. Pakistani Interior Minister Rahman malik's vist to India ws cancelled, similarly Salman Kurshid Indian Foreign Minister has postponed his Iran's vist. Ajmal Qasab was hanged 4 days before the 4th annivesary of Mambai attacks. Mysterious hanging of Qasab may be due to the beggining of Indian parliamentary session where no confidence motion was about to move ny BJP. Pakistan high commission has expressed no reaction yet. While, Indians are celebrting the events with joy and distributing sweets. Indian has conveyed message to Pakistan that it is not a soft state. On other hand, the ancestral village of Ajmal Qasabn Fareed Kot in Pakistan is calm. Ajmal's last wish of life was to inform his mother. After the dismissal of mercy petition by Indian president Ajmal was hanged The hanging of Ajmal Qasab has paved the way to hang Surab Jeet Singh in prison who hass been sentenced to death for spying and bomb blasts in Pakistan. He must be hanged, if Pakistan comsiders itself not a soft state like India and if Pakistan has courage and is not afraid of Indian-Pakistanis, the lovers of India in Pakistan.

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