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Thursday, November 15, 2012

'Skyfal' Is Ruling The American Box Office

The film "Skyfall" of the James Bond series had a record business of $ 87.8 million during its first week of release, in the North American cinema houses. The film of actor Daneil Crag has also broken the record of James Bond film "Quantum Of Swiss" released in America during 2008 that had opening business of $ 68.5. million. This is the third Bond film of Daniel Crag that has been liked very much. His acting was also liked in 'Casino Royal' and 'Quantum of Swiss". The film was released during the last week of October and it has earned $ 518.5 million up till now. The character of James Bond Zero Zero was played by Daniel Crag while Seem Daniel was the director of the film. According to Live Trading in Germany it had opening business of $ 20.39 million while In Britain and Ireland it had opning business of $20.9 million, collectively. The character of James Bond was created by Flemming and his noevels and fictions based on the character had been very popular all over the world. The Skyfall has also been released in the circle of Pakistani cinema houses.

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