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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hindu Extremist And A Hardliner Bal Thakerey Died

Hindu ectremist, nationalist, opposded to Muslims and Pakistan (He could rightly be called a terrorist in India regarding his deeds, thoughts, ideology and terrorist activities), Bal Thakerey died at the age of 86. He had been linked to waves of several violent mobs against Muslims and migrant workers in India. Thakeray, a onr-time cartoonist formed a party Shiv Seena, meaning Shiv's Army, in 1966, in Mahasrashtra. The political party's main aim has been to keep away the the people who were not from Maharashtra, out of the state and uproot the spread of Islam and western values. Thakerey's Sena is the most xenophobic of India's Hindu right-wing political parties and held power in Mumbai from 1995-2000. His supporters often called him Hindu Hriday Samraat or emperor of Hindu hearts. Throughout his political career Thakerey was a rabble-rousing orator who routinely santioned the use of vioence to propagate his political views. He was arrested twice for his inflammatory speeches and writings. His extreme reginal and religious parochialism led him to asdvocate Hindu suicide bombers and planting bombs in Muslim neighborhood to : protect the nation and the Hindus". His followers often attacked and rampaged through the offices of media houses that he claimed were anti-Maharashtrian and anti Hindus and threatened to dig up pitches ahead of the cricket matches between largely Hindu state India and its Muslim- majority of neighbor Pakistan. The slight bespectackled leader often appeared before his supporters seated in a silver thrown-like chair, a gift from workers. With the death of Bal Thakerey, a chapter of vilence against Indian Muslims and extreme enemity against Pakistan, ended till his successor Udhav his son or Raj Thakerey, his nephew his path.

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