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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Intersting Events Of The World

*---- Beauty Contest Between The Obese Women:- Beauty contest between the obese women was held in London, in which 20 fat women participated. Jemma Qruickhank, a 22-year obese woman, won the contest and was crowned as Beauty Queen among the Obese Woman of the world. All the obese women had catwalk before the judges. It was compulsory for the participants to have body size at least 18 inches. *---- Father Gifted War Tank To Son:- Parents' love has no match in the world, of course. A Dutch citizen made a moving toy war tank for his son that costed 1200 ponds and took 9 months to complete. Forty-year Mark Mathewrest purchased a wheel chair in 80 ponds and turned it into toy tank that he gifted to his 3-year old son Jawer. This toy tank can be driven up to several miles in an hour. *---- Beautiful Seven-Colored Butterflies In Mexico:- Colored butterflies reached to forests of Machicon state of Mexico after travelling thousands of miles. In the state butterflies are flying everywhere. They are welcomed, ptotected and a special road is specified for them to fly freely and people could enjoy their colors spreaded all over the area, when they fly and open their wings. *---- World Record Of Playing Table Tennis On Roof:- A game company in kansas city of the United States has set a world record of playing Virtual Table Tennis game on the roof of 22-flour hotel. On the eve of 40th birth anniversary of Atari Hotels, its founder company played the game changing the 22-storey building of the hotel into table tennis. This game has been registered in the Guinesses Book of World Record as the largest outdoor game of the world. *---- Robot Will Examine The Atmic Power Houses:- The Japenese company "Toshiba" has manufactured a 4-wheeled robot that will be used to examine the internal sites of atomic plant Fokoshima in Japan. Ther weight of the robot called "Quadruped" is 65 kilograms and is 105 centimeters high. It can tolerate such a high level of radiation that is 100 times higher than the extreme level that a human being can tolerate. Robot can walk and climb the staires.

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