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Saturday, November 10, 2012

World's Interesting Events

*---- Cat- Loving Postman:- Some people love their pets so much that they can not think of separating them for a moment. Similarly, Rudy Saldia, a post man in Britain loves his cat so much that he keeps it with himself during duty hours. Cat keeps sitting on his shoulders. Due to love for his his pet is known as Cat Post Man. *---- Keep Roofs Green-- Get Rid Of Pollution:- In Mexico, taz rates have been reduced for the house holders (other building owners) who grow greenary,(flowers, vegetables) on the roofs. The increasing population in the world and construction of buldings everywhere, have reduced the area for growing crops and other green belts. Mexican people have thought of unique solution of the issue. They have started growing lawns , grasses, vegetables and flowers on the top of the roofs of their buildings. This practice will keep the area green and help in getting rid of pollution. It will also be a sort of "killing two birds with one stone" they will keep the surroundings green as well will pay less amount of taxes. *---- Diana's Car Will Be Auctioned:- Late British Princess Lagy Diana's siver color Rolls- Royce car hass ben presented for sale through auction. Estimate of its price is one million pounds. This car was purchased by British embassy in 1979 and Diana's was first to sit in it. During her first visit to the USA, she travelled nearly whole of the USA by this car. British Embassy had changed it into bullet-proof vehicle. *--- Whale's Tail Was Tied With Boat:- In the Autralian city Sydney, whale's tail was tied with the boat and hundreds of spectators including tourists saw this intersting scene when her off spring also started waving with the mother. The Australian administration of Marine Life said that tieding of whale with boat was dangerous as it could harm the human beings. *---- Cafe El Bosc de les Fades In Barcelona's Thick Jungle:- A unique cafe has been introduced namely "El Bosc de les Fades" in the thick forests of Barcelona to fulfill the wishes of the guests to take meals while sitting surrounded by legendary character in thick jungle. The theme of the cafe is "Fairy Tales". The cafe has been decorated with plants, trees, waterfalls, water fairies, rocks and other legendary character to present scenic beauty and environment of artificial jungle. This cafe presents the factual scene of legendary world. *---- A Girl Who Seems Like Plastic Doll:- A lady Zlata of Kazakistan has astonished the people with exhibiting wondering elasticity of body. The bones of Zlata are so elastic and soft that she can accomodate herslf in a suicase. She started the training in the age of 16 years. She prctices daily for three hours to turn her body in different position and Zalata can retain the most difficult position for 5 minutes.

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