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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sheev Seena's Threat-- For Attention Of Pro-India Pakistanis

Sheev Seena, the extremist pre-judice, and enemy of Pakistan and Muslims, Hindu Party has urged "patriotic and True Hindus" to stop cricket matches between Pakistan and India. Sheev Seena's this statement came after the statement of the Indian Interior Minister that both countries should step ahead and forget the bitter memories of the past ( though Patriotic Pakistani can not forget the Hindu's anemity and atrocities except India-loving Pakistanis). The Indian State Minister for interior affairs R P N Singh replying to the Bal Thakray's threat said politics should not be linked with sports and full security will be provided to all the players coming to India. The head of the Sheev Seena Bal Thakray wrote in his paper "Samna" (in front) that Interior Minister must take his statement back that "Past should be forgotten". Referring to the attacks on Parliament and Taj Hotel Mombai Thakray said," How can I foget? How Can I forget". Earlier, about the decision of Indian Cricket Board of restoration of cricket series with Pakistan TYhakray had said that all this treachery was done in the greed of money and cricketers were also included in this greed. A spkeman of Sheev Seena said that the "Wounds" Pakistan had given to them could not be forgotten ( Pakistanis Suffering from Indian love, Kashmir Comiitee , Pakistani rulers have forgotton the brutalities of Indians on Kashmiris, of Hindus on Muslims at the time of partition). While Sheev Seena's ally party Janta Party has said that Pakistan should be pressurized through other ways and mean but not through sports and games. Ruling party congress has termed Tjakray's stastement as irrelevent. The party's spkeperson Renoka Chaudhry said in a press conference that Sheev Seena had always creasted hurdles, had been doing destructive and terrorists' jobs and vever did a nice one. Pakistan Cricket team will reach India on December 22nd and will play three one day and two T 20 matches. The cricket matches have been restored after a interval of five years between the two countries. India will issue five thousand visas to Pakistan Cricket fans to enter into India for watching matches.

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