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Friday, November 30, 2012

Some Medicines Could Be Highly Dangerous If Taken With Grape or Citrus Juices

Medical doctors warned that people do not know if some specific medines are taken along with grape fruit can be fatal. Medical experts say that with grape fruit the medicines are not absorbed in the intestine and liver rather their quantity is increased. The researchers who have found the negative link between medicines and grapefruit for the first time have published their findings in Journal of Canadian Medical Association say that the number of medines that proove dangerous with eating of grapefruit have increased. The Canadian team at Larson Institute say that number of such medicines have inceased from 17 in 2008 to 41 in 2012. The mediciesd that could be fatal if taken with grpefruit juices include the medicines taken for blood pressure, lowering of cholestrol level, for cancer treatment and the medicines taken after transplant of body part. The chemicals found in the grapefruit make the enzymes inafective that through chemical action break down the constituents of medicines and make them diluted and be digested, with the result the medicines remain undigested and quantity of medicine gets increased. A patient when took blood pressure's medicine Felodipine with grapefruit juice the quantity of the medine increased three time higher. The side affects of medicines and grapefruit taken together are fatal that include, leakage of blood in the stomach, damage to liver and irregular heart beat and some times immediate death may occur.

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