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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Korean Singer Psy's "Gangnam Style" Song And Dance Sets World Record

The song of South Korean Singer Psy's " Gangnam Style" has become the most popular one posted and released on you tube. The Gangnam style posted on you tube some four months before has been viewed by 800 million people. In the gangnam style video singer Psy is dancing in a way as he is riding on the horse. His this style of dance has become so popular in no time that people are copying its style every where. After the interesting styled song was hit, many people tried to sing in his way copying his sryle. Among the the fans of the song include prisoners in the Phillipine's jail to the secretary gerneal Ban Ki Moon of the United Nations. The Gangnam Style video has also been awarded the honor of the MTv Europe Music of the year. Moreover, the song has been included on No 1 of the music chart of 28 countries. More than 5 million visitors have "liked" this song on You Tube which is a record. This song hass been registered in the Guinesse Book of world record as the most liked song. Priorly, the record was held by Justine Bieber's song "Teni Bow Per" released in 2010.

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