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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In Egypt Protests Continued Against The Decree

Egyptian protestors have vowed continuous defiance against a decree granting president Muhammasd Mursi wide-ranging new powers. Tens of thousands of people demonstrated across the country on Tuesday, in one of the largest protest since the ovethrow of Hosne Mubarak. Dr Mursi said the decree will limited in scope, but refused the continuing demand to overturn it. His opponents have called for another rally on Friday. The Muslim Brotherhood, which president Mursi belonged to until he assumed the presidency, has postponed the rally on Tuesday saying that it wanted to avoid the public tension. But, it said it was capable of mobilizing millions of people in suport of president. Musi's backers say the decre was needed to protect the gains of the revolution against a judiciary with deep ties to the Mubarak era. Protesters who have taken to the streets since the decree was issued say the Brotherhoodhas hijacked the gains of the revolution. The president's decree -known as the constittional declaration, said no authority could revoke his decision. There is a bar on the judges to dissolve the assembly that is drawing upa new constitution. The president is also authorized to take any measure to preserve the revolution, national unity or sageguard national security. Om Monday Mr Mursi told the senior judges the scope of the decree will be restricted to "sovereign matters" designed to protect instittions. Another flahpoint could be Sunday when constitutional court could rule to disband constuent assembly in defiance of president Mursi's decree. The assembly is dominated by Muslim Brotherrhood and its Islamist allies. The courts have already dissolved the lower house of parliament, which was led by the Brotherhood. It is obvious that the USA does not like Ekhwa ul Muslimon to be in power in Eqypt. Cours are following the instructions of the USA. THe protesters are backed by western powers and the USA. If Musrsi's government is dissolved another bloody revolution awaits Egypt. My Dear Egyptian Brothers! Do not be mislead by the west who never wants democratic government in your country. They want to make you weaker and want to protect their nefarious designs. They want anarchy and disturbance in the Muslim World. Be Aware of !

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