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Friday, November 16, 2012

India-- The Poverty Stricken Country Of The World

The rate of poverty in India is escalating day by day, while on the other hand, the number of richest people will rise at the rate of 53 percent and will go as high as 0.243 million during the next 5 years. According to the research institute of an important company dealing in financial matter, Credit Swiss, at present 95 % of the Indians have property worth less than Rs. 0.542 million. The people having property worth $ 0.1 million or Rs. 5.3 million are only 0.3 % of the total population. The gulf between the richest and the poorests is widening every year. Report further says that wealth is increasing in India, the number of middle class and rich people is increasing, but every body does not share the fruits of increasing wealth. Poverty is the most chronic problem of India. In India there are 1500 richest people who have property worth $ 5 billion while 700 have $ one billion property. As per report, the number of richest people will increase from 20.8 milion to 40.6 million during the next 5 years that is between 2012 and 2017. More than 10.8 million people will add to the richest category in the world during next 5 years. Similarly, in China, the number of richest people will be doubled and by 2017 there will be 2 million richest people. Other countries that will see the increasing number of richest people include Indonesia, Mexico and Singapore.

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