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Monday, November 12, 2012

China's Spy Mobile Phones In Pakistani Markets

To create confrontations, hatred, and disputes among the families, members of the families and spoues, a private spy company has marketed a mobile phone that can be used for listening the voices and conversation of the people anywhere present, hiding it in a suitable place. The said phones are being sold by the spying company for PKR 15,000 to 20,000 and the mobile set is delived by the sales men of the company on the address given in the order SMS. Intersting is this that comapany has no address or permanent office. The company is running the business through SMS's sent on the mobile phones of the citizens. According to information the company sends SMS on the mobile of any citizen as an ad saying that the conversation or talks of any body in the offices or homes can be tracked, if they like. Every SMS has a phone number given. If the number is dialled, a lady replied in her attractive voice and tells about the qualities and specifications of the item. She tells the caller that their company had introduced a software that can be installed in the mobile and could be used with any company's SIM, and the customer could listen to the voices and conversation of the people he wanted to, after hiding in a place. When the clients wants to listen the voices, he can do it after dialling on the number that would not activate the bell and the light of the mobile.

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Business Mobile Phones said...

Thank you for including the price conversion on these Phones I will never be able to afford!