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Saturday, November 3, 2012

US Election Compaign Enters In Decisive Stage

There are 3 days left for the US presidential election polling and both the candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will put all their attention on the electioneering compaign in the states that play decisive role for the success. Democratic candidate Obama addressed on three plces in Ohio states, which has 20 electoral votes, where he said we know how the change looks like, but that is not the change which Romney is showing to the public. Obamas is too much busy in the compaign and on Satureday (tomorrow) he will visit Iowa, Wisconsin and Virginia where both candidates will have tough competition for the votes. Obama's opponent Mitt Romney is heading towards Iowa, New Hampshire and Colorado. The surveys of the final election compaign indicateds that Obama a little bit ahead in the states deciding the results, but will still have togh time to win. The figures issued by the the Emploment department of the USA indicates that during the month of Ocyober 171000 jobs have been created beyond expectation. First lady Mishal Obama also adressed different gatherings in Virginia on behalf of her husband. Seventy-five percent of the Latin voters are in favor of Obama while 30 % will favor Romney. Obama has already polled his votes in Chicago, last week. Nearly 24 million peopole have already used their rights of votes. The election will be held on November 06.

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