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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pakistan Government Has Sent Letter To Swiss Aurorities Against Zardari

Government of Pakistan at last, after a long legal dispute has sent letter to Swiss authorities against Asif Zardari about re-opening of his alleged corruption cases. Spokeman of President House Farhat Ullah Babar told BBC that President house has no concerned with the letter, however, the the draft that was agreed on by government and supreme court has been sent. Accoording to him letter was sent by Foreign office but president has immunity under the international law and constitution of Pakistan. It is to be recalled that after the 1990 general election the government of Nawaz Sharif had filed against Asif Zardari, Ba Nazir Bhutto and others allegedly taking commission from Swiss companies in custom inspection contracts. The then government later continued corrspondance with Swiss courts and cases were registered in the Sitzerland. Afterwards, during Mushrraf regime in 2007, reconcialation understanding was signedbetween Bazair Bhutto and the then government under National Reconcialation Ordinace (NRO) the cases were withdrwan. On November 30, 2007 when Musharraf promulgated emegency in the country Banazair atarted movement against the government but Banzair was killed in an attack on December 27, during same year in Rawalpindi. In 2008, PP government came into power and in November 2009, supreme court issued verdict against NRO and directed government to write letter to Swiss aurhorities to reopen ther cases against Zardari. A long confrontation continued between Apex court and government but Yousuf Raza Gilani did not write letter and was declaredinillibible for 5 years and resignedfrom ofice. Because he insisted that President has got immunity under international law and Pakistan's constitution. But now government agreed and with the consent of the apex court the letter has been written ans sent to Swiss authorities.

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