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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pakistani-American Shahid Khan Enlisted Among The 400 Billionaires Of The World--- Forbes

Forbes Magazine enlists the names of the billinaires of the world every year. It is said about the Forbes magazines that no one admits a person as a billionaire till its names is included in the Forbes' list. Forbes Magazine published the list of 400 billionaires of the world for 2012, and for the first time the name of any Pakistani was included on the list. He is Pakistan-born American Dhahid Khan. If he calls himself a Pakistani then then we must be grateful to him, if he does not we must not complain. Because if he were in Pakistan, he might heve been working as a clerk in some office. It is the United States who admitted his qualities and potentials what he deserved and made him a billionaire. It means USA recognizes anybody's efforts if he is contributing some thing for US e.g taxes, providing jobs to Americans etc. It also means that talented poor Pakistanis have no rights in their own country to progress. Shahid Khan was born in Lahore in 1950, his family was linked to construction business. He left Pakistan for the USA in the age of 16 years. He had no option exept to work and live in USA. During his intial days of stay he used to reside in a room casting $ 2 per night. He was eager to study and got admission in the College of Engineering of the University of Illinois. For fulfilling the fee requrements he used to work as a dish-washer in a restaurant. He earned dollar and 20 cents an hour. After some time he joine Flex And Gate Company as part-time worker and continued his studis He graduated from the Engineering school and was appointed as director in the parent company. During the service he realized that no company was building one-piece bumpers for pick-up trucks. Companies jointed the bumpers to the trucks in two and three pieces and due to long journey and weight the joints of the bumpers got loosened. Shahid Khan resigned from the job. Got loan worth fifty thousand dollars from Small Business Loan Corporation and he had 16,000 dollars personal deposite and with $66000 capital,during 1978 he started making one-piece bumpers. His had a nice idea, so his business progressed excellently and he got properous. Within two years Shahid Khan purchased the company Flexand Gates in which he had been working during his studentship. (Continued)

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