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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jill Kelly Denies Her Wrongdoings In Petraeus Case

Hill Kelly, the Tampa sociallie at the center of David Petraeus scandal, is trying to change her narrative about her involvement with the general and the military. Kelly hired a top Washingtom attorney and is opening up for the first time about her past and her role as an "honarary consul" to the country of South Korea. Tuesday, Abbe Lowell released emails, phone- recordings, and other material that he and Jill say proves she never tried to exploit her friendship with Petraeus. FBI officials said they were led to Jill Kelly because Paula Broadwell sent her threatening messages, annonimously and via emails to stay away from Peteaus. Lowell adrssed this in a letter to W. Stephen, the US assistant attorney in Tampa. " You no doubt have seen the temendous attention the Kelleys have received in the media." The Pentagon is investigating the emails between her and Allen. Some have called the emails between the two "flirtatious" but Kelly spurces say thay were not.

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