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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Trash Can Be Transformed Into Biofuel

Imagine if Pakistan is able make biofuel from the trash that is gathered daily what would happen? Pakistan can not only save huge amount of the foreign exchange spent on imports of oil but we can get oil on chaeaper rates to make our vehicles running on the roads. The important thing is that the technique to change trash into energy has been developed, however, this technique is still in preliminary stages and is limited to west. In Canada the work on projects of transforming trash into biofuel has been started and next year in the Adminton province of Canada, 0.1 million tonnes trash will start changing into 38 million liter biofuel. Moreover, the emission of gases causing pollution in the air and global warming due to consumption of traditional fuels, will decreases significantly with the use of biofuel. In Sweden, the plant making biofuel from trash has started working, but Sweden has shirtage of trash so it is importing trash from neighboring European countries to provide raw material to the plant. If this technology is adopted in the world a revolution will occur.

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