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Friday, November 16, 2012

Paula Involved In General's Sex Scandal May Be Court Martialled

American Defence Secretary Leon Paneta has said that he did not know about any other officer involved in the sex scandal that led Petraeus to resign. However, general Ellen has assured to cooperate in the investigation. British Think Tank of Royal Institute has postponed the funtion to be held on November 26, to honor David Petraeus with award. American army has suspended the security clearance of Paula Broad4ll and Jill elly, women involved in the scandal. Paula being a former inyelligence officer had high level army clearance. There is a greater possibility that Paula Broadwell, the key role player in the scandal may be court martialled. Taliban have expressed joy over the sex scandal of the American generals. They said all American are like them. Panetta has expressed once again confidence over general Ellen , the the ESAF Forces commondar in Afghanistan. Panetta also confirmed the media report about the harmless correspondendance between general Ellen and Jill Kelly. He said there was nothing in the emails except sex dialogues (Americans consider these dialogues harmless). Though the security pass of Jill Kelly has been cancelled by the MacDill Airforce Base, but she can enter in the base as a visitor. The emails received by General Ellen from Paula, in which she had adivised Hen to stay away from Jill, were forwarded to Jill by Gen. If the emails sent by Paula were sent during his posting as reserve Lt Col then she may have to face court martial.

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