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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beauty And Dress Contest Between Michelle Obama And Ann Romney

Whatever the result of the election and trend of the voters to elect the most powerful man on the globe may be that would be observed on November 06, 2012, but the contest of make-up. new and costly costume and dresses has already begun between the oresent first lady Michelle Obama and the hopeful lady for the status Ann Romney. The copetition of the costume ws started by the first lady Michelle who put on a costly dress at the first presidential debate of her husband, that costs PKR 0.2 million, though Pakistani upper class ladies wear more costly costumes than this that are worth PKR 2 or 3 million on marriage parties. And it is also said about the former prime minister of Pakistan that he wore a dress billions of rupees once. But, in the society like that of the USA where worn and old paint is the symbol of identity, dress costing $ 2000 is looks astonishing. When Ann Romney came to know about the catwalk of Michelle with costly dresses she also came to the ground with $ 1000 price dress. Though she is 63 years and Michelle is younger and smart so Ann had to spent a lot to hide her wrinkles. Though she is of white skin and beautiful but older than Michellle. Till the second presidential debate their dress and make up fight got peak and voters as well as media forgot about the election compaign and news in the print and electronic media was full of the new costumes and jewellary of the top most two ladies of the USA. The red color dress is on the top in this fight because this color is considered the symbol for eliminaton of breast cancer efforts. However, some serious people are also criticising this type of fight between the two ladies. But, the voters will decide on Nov 06 whom they want to be next president of theSuperpower and definetely his wife will be the FIRST LADY OF USA.

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