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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Indian Teen Girls Are Reaching To Puberty Stage Earlier

In the so called secular state India of the South Asia, due to quickly changing social values because of nude movies, Internet, mobiles, bold ads, films and romantic SMS's, the Indian teen girls ate losing virginity and reaching to early adulthood stage. The society is felling prey to wear and parents of teen children are much worried about the attitudes of their kids. According to a famous Indian Daily, due to the use of alcohl, cigarettes, watching naked movies and using Internet is quickly tranforming Indian society into Western and European society. The boys and girls at the age of 12 years start taking interest in sexual contacts. According to psychlogists and parents, the second largest country having more than 200 million children up to the age of 14 years are much affected by the bold TV shows and irresponsible programs of the media. They freely meet with each other in the ecademic institutions and other places and develop sexual contacts. According to the reports of Times of India, the teens send romantic SMS's, watch nude films on Internet, play video games, posing themselves to study. The experts of physiology Dr Bela Raja says that those young children who are involved in practical sexual contacts remain weaker physically and their mental capabilities are also affected negative. After marriage they are unnable to perform their sexual functions properly.

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