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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dominant Men Can Turn Her On---- Rihanna

Rihanna's raunchy new GQ cover is making the waves, and it is not just her nearly naked cover photo that is causing controversy! In her interview with the magazine she reveales that she is turned on by dominant men. Rihannas turbulent relatioship with Chris Brown has captivated the world, and she is now revealing that why she is so drawn to him. Rihanna's new sexy interview with the magazine is her most revealing, and we are not talking about her lack of clothing! Rihanna, 24, talks about her love life. and she says " I like to feel like woman." I have to be in control in every other aspects of my life, so I feel like in relationship, I wanted to be able to take step back and someone else take the lead." " I could absolutely be dominant but in general I would rather... Love makes you go the places you prbably would not ever go,had it not been for love. Bit I think evrybody still has their limits" says the simger. Could Rihanna be talking about the facts that she has forgiven Chris for past mistakes.? Rihanna's recently debited her new music video "Diamonds," and it appears that her new album is a tribute to Chris, as one particular song, "Love Without Tragedy" that seems to details the night he abused her after Graymmy in 2009. 2009. The full album will be released on November 19.

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