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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Did Not Attempt To Commit Suicide---- Sahar Kamran

PPP Senator Sahar Kamran survived after taking high dose of sleeping pills last week. Sahar said that she was highly depressed after the PPP chief whip senator Islam Ud Din Sheikh in the upper house of the parliament told her that constitutional amendment bill on the dual nationality could not be approved due to her absence. Sahar Kamran said that she had reached Pakistan straight from Jedda after receiving instructions from the chief whip to ensure her presence in thhe house. She said that she was feeling headache and depression due to tiredness of the journey and restlessness, so she took sleeping pills to get relaxed and sleep on the advice of a female friend. How many tablets she took she said she did not know, even she said did not remember who took her to hospital. Sahar Kamran said she lived in Saudi Arabia where no medicine is asvailable without doctor's prescription and further said she never used cough syrup even so sleeping pills higher dose proved dangerous for her. Sahar said her husband loves her and her success wad only due to backing of her husband. Sahar rejected any scandal involved inthe incident. Sahar Kamran she had no difference with te party and president Asif Zardari considere her as his younger sister. Sahar Kamran said she had one son and a daughter and loving husband, the dauhter of Shah Abullah wass her personal friend then why she would commit suicide. The reports in the media about my suicide were baseless. Sahar Kamran said neither she was fond of make uo nor of jewellery not she had time for these things. She said as the senate session ended she was going back to Jedda because her childrenand husband were worried about her. She also read the messages from her husband on mobile. All this she told to the media when she was shifted to home from hospital.

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