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Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Interesting World

*-- In The Land Of Oxford And Cambridge Universities- The Britain whose economy mainly depends upon the fees of the foreign students who come to England for studies. In the cuntry the question is arising whether getting higher education is important or not? Because the girls obtaining degrees with honor are compelled to work in the night clubs. Azabella Deen is one of them. Research study carried out on 17000 students shows that the income of graduate girl students who graduated in 2006 is 22 percent lower than those who graduated during 1999. *-- Kenyan Women's Twin Babies Named Obama And Romney:- In Kenya a mother gave birth to twin babies who were named as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Milsant Ower named herr kids in connection with the presidential elections of the USA. The twin babies were born in the Sayaya District Hospital. The people of Kenya also celebrated the success of president Obama. *-- Britain Dogs Bite Their Owners:- In Britain every third owner of pets is biten by their own dogs. Dog which is taken as human's best friend but it looks like the Britain's dogs probably do not agree to this. According to a British report 1.3 billion dogs in Britain are hot tempered. The new generation of dogs is biting their trainers/owners. But this is the fault of owner who did not train them properly.

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