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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hundrds Of Rohangia Muslims Are Migrating To Occupied Kashmir

After violent attacks by Myanmar Budhists, several Rohangya Muslim families have migrated to occupied Kashmir via Bangladesh. Thirty-five year Syed Us Islam is one of themn who fled from Myanmar along with wife and eight children. Budists attacked them on the way , looted their baggage and injured him with dagger. However, he somehow reached to Bangladesh from where he got to Kolkata and then after 7 day journey reached to Jammu. In several aras of Jammu Rohsnys Muslims are living and one hundred families are living in Nirwal town near Karali pond. They live in mud and grass made huts. Mansha Begum has donated 5 kanals area ( half an acre) for contructing the huts. Narrating the brutalities of military government in Myanmar thay said that taxes were imposed on birth and deaths even on the birth of calves, if somebody failed to pay, he was fined and murder case was registered again him. However, in Nirwal the newly borned baby of Rohangya Muslim is registered officially. They have problem of graveyard, at present they are using temporalily a place at the top of the hill. Another Rohangya Muslimn say that Muslim villagesare attacked during mid night and residents are ordered to vacate homes and villages are set on fire. He said that Muslims were not given rights of citizenship, they werre only issued identity cards on which they were entered as guests. They said that young girls were sent for police stations and men and older women were put to work with out any wages. The leader of the refugees Zahid Husain said that they had talked to Indian government representatives and requested them to give Rohanya Muslims the rights of refugees as were given to refugeees from Afghanistan, Iran and even non muslims of Myanmar, till democratic government takes over in Myanmar. Pakistan govenment is taking care of millions of Afghanis since the last 3 decades, the Rohangya Muslims are more victimized they should be provided refuge in Pakistan. While, Hindu states is doing so. Why not Muslim country?

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