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Friday, November 9, 2012

Arthritis---Causes and Signs---1

Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints (the points where bones meet) in one or more areas of the body. Thee are more than 100 types of arthritis, all of which have different causes and treatment methods. The symptoms of arthritis appear gradually but they occur suddenly. Arthritis is commonly seen in adults over the age of 65 but it can develop in children and teens. According to the Centres of Diseases Control and Prevention, arthritis is more common in women than men and in those who are overweight. Cartilage is a flexible connective tissue in the joints that abosorbs pressure and shock created from movement like running and walking. It also protects joints and allows for the smooth movement. Some forms of arthritis are caused by reduction in the amount of this cartilage tissue. Osteoarthritis, one of the most common forms of arthrtis, is caused by normal wear and tear throughout life, this natural breakdown of cartilage tissue is axacebated by an infection or injury to the joints. The risk of ostearthritis may be higher if you family history of the disease. Another normal form of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis, occures when your body's immune system attacks the tissues of the body. These attacks affect the synovium, which secretes a fluid that nourishes the cartilage and lubricates the joints. Rheumatoid arhritis eventually leads to the destruction of both the bone and cartilage in the joints. The exact cause of immune system's attack has not yet been known, but scientists have discovered genetic markers that increase your risks of developing rheumatoid arhritis tenfold. The most common symptoms involve the joint pain and stiffness, usually in the morning, are typical signs along with the swelling of the joints. You may also experience decrease in range of motion of the joints and redness of skin around the joints. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis you may feel tired or experience loss of appetite because of inflammation caused by attacking immune system the tissues of the body. You may also become anaemic (experience decreased red blood cells), or have a slight fever. Severe rheumatoid arthritis can cause joint demormity if left untreated.

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