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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Husband Continued Sexual Contact Even After Divorcing His Wife

Shama Munshi a resident of North Nazim Abad gave a statement in the court that his husband had been continueing wife and husband contacts even after divorcing her months ago. Her husband kept her unaware of the facts and had been continueing the contacts. When she received the divorce papers that had been signed several months ago she was shocked. When she contacted Islamic scholar he said the sexual contacts after divorce were Un-Islamic. Therefore she came to the the court that her ex husband be sentenced under the Sharia law. Shama who is working as teacher in a high standard private school and a mother of few years old son said her husband and his family members had been carrying out severe violence on her and her husband used to take money every month from her. She said she was to save other women from the brutility and sin like this. She said from the day one of marriage her husband's treatment with her was harsh but she had been tolerinting it but now her ex husband has crossed all the limits and reached to the extreme extent of humiliation of humanity and Sharia.

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