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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Defects In Artificial Breast Implants Detected

Authorities in France have declared the implants of silicone in the breasts to increase feminine beauty (prominancy of breasts), damaging for health. Authorities are thinking of directing those thirty thousand females, who have got implanted silicone for breast's beauty to take out the implants. According to the French information sources, the silicones manufactured by Poly Implants Prothese (PIP) company are feared risky for health. It was revealed last year that the jell the company used in silicone for making the breasts prominent was legally banned and the rate of its bursting was extra-ordinarily higher. French government has constituted a committee to probe into the matter. Dr Lorent included in the committee told that we will have to informed the women who got silicone implanted in the breasts to take out the artificial breasts. He further said that it was such a medical crisis that related to fraud. The spkeperson of the French government told the TV that will announce a lne of action in this regard, during this week. According to the spkesperson the women who had implants of silicones in their breasts must see their surgeons, immediately.

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