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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jill Kelly And Her Sister Have Close Ties With Top Brass

The Florida socialite whose reports of harassing emails from Paula Broadwell ultimately led to the resignation of CIA director David Petraeus, forged close ties with high ranking military and intelligence official in Tampa, hosting lavish parties at her waterfrong mansion earning accolades as an "honarary ambassador" to the military and honarary consul general for Korea. But detractors say that Jill Kelly,37, is a social climber whose lavish lifestyle is now threatened by million of dollars debt and possible foreclosure on her home, and who tried to exploit her connection, perhaps even enlisting Gen Petraeus in her sister's bitther child custody fight. Jill Kelly and her twin sister Natalie Khawam,grew up in the Philadephia area, daughters of a Labanese immigrant who owned a local restaurant. Jill and Natalie would appear together on a 2003 episode of Food Channel Program "Food Night," in which they dressed in designer dress cooking alligatorin a cook-off against two brothers. Khawam was also living with her sister and her husband Scott, a cancer sugeon, in Tampa. In Tampa Kelly volunteered her time to support military. planning and hosting charitable events for CENTCOM, the Defense Department's Central Commond. Kelly and herhysband Scott and her sister Natalie became friendly with both the major players, Gen. Petraeus and Gen John Allen, who is commonder of the International Security Assistence Force in Afghanistan. This summer when Kelly received anonymous emails accusing her of flaunting friendly relationship with top military brass in Tampa, she called the FBI, emails were traced back to the computer of Paula Broadwell by the FBI, co-autjor of Petraeus biography "All In". The emails in the Paula's inbox poited out to the intimate affair with Petraeus. Kelly and her husband Scott have also had to grapple with financial. They have been sued at least nine times. problems. The couple faces foreclosure of wsaterfront masion and the office building they own. The FBI has now recovered extremely "Ptentially inappropriate" emails between Gen Allen and Kelly. The ABC news has learnt that Gen Allen also received an anonymous email tracdd back to Paula, claiming that Jill Kelly was a seductress. Khawam has also dispute with her husband for the custody of child. She is alsi deeply in debt and has filed for Bankrupsy in Flrida in April, 2012.

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