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Monday, November 19, 2012

Kim Is Not Afraid To Show Off Her Lot Of Skin

If you have got flaunt itand that is exactly what Kim did at the Marine Corps Ball on Nov 15, and she was not short of admirers- including her date Sgt Gardiner. Kim has all the right curves at the right places and she is afraid to show them and we all know. Looking stunning in a Poland Mauret dress, Kim attended the Marine Corps Ball in N.C on Nov 15 with Sgt Gardiner who could not keep his eyes off her famous cleavages. Kim agreed to go to the Ball after being invited by Sgt Gardiner, and as ppreviously reported she was "really loking forward to going". Kim did not disappoint as she arrived in figure-hugging gown, causing her date's eyes pop out of his head. We just hope Kyane West does not get jealous. The Kardashins family are not afraid to show off their bodies, whether it is Khloe or Kris Jennifer's nipple issue or a certain Ray J sex tape. The Kardashians love to show off their skins. Kim has gone to Twitter to show us a lot of her body in new bikini.

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