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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hunger In India Is On The Rise

According to a latest report of World Food, the speed of controlling hugerness in India is very slow, inspite of economic progress. India is far behind in handling the important issue of hungerness than neighboring countries, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Pakistan stands on 97th, Sri Lanka at 37th while China is on 2nd number regarding the issue. According to Global Hunger Index, African countries are ahead of South Asian countries with respect to the problem. Report says that the rate of scarcity of foods has decreased in African countries but the condition of food shortage in Iretaria, Haiti and Brondi is still alarming. American Research Organization, International Food Policy and Concern World Wide has prepared a Global Hunger Index of 69 countries, in which India stands on 65th number. The report says that India is behind in the World Hunger Index, though the condition in 2006 had improved a bit but it again fell to the level of 2006. The report noted that the area of fertile land is decreasing in the world while population is on the rise. The report also identified the countries of the world where famine situation has reached to the dangerous level. The points in the report have been assigned on the basis of food shartage, weaker physique of the children below the age of 5 years, and death rtate of the children below 5 years. According to the report the South Asian countries and the Sub Sahara region are the most affected ones. The availability of food was improving in Hasiti but the 2010 devastating earth quake pushed the country to the earlier level. The report appreciated the African countries to control the situation during the last decade and said this was due to no wars in the region and attention on the health care of children. The report firther revealed that India is the only country in South Asia where hunger is increasing and no improvement is seen in situation.

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