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Friday, November 16, 2012

Kelly Boasted About Petraeus Connection And Asked $ 80 M---- N Y Businessman

A New York businessman who discussed multi-billion dollar Korean business deal with Jill Kelly said the Tampa woman at the center of the Petraeus scandal told him Gen had arranged her to become honarary consul for South Korea to promote free trade and asked him for $ 80 M to complete the deal. "Ms Kelly made it clear to me that General Petraeus had put her in this position, that is why she has acccess to such high level official(In the Soth Korean governmen), said Adam Victor, president and CEO TranGas Development Systems," that they were essentialy doing favor for General Petraeus and that she had acess solely access because of her relationship with General." Victor, who met Kelly at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August, said he was diaappointed in General Petraeus for helping Kelly become honarary consul. " Frankly, I blame general for this as a lapse of judgement, he said " The general should have known better. According to victor. he went to Tampa to promote Coal Gasification and met a friend of Kelly's who suggested that they meet to discuss a possible internastional deal, the person who introduced me to Kelly said that she was well known to be very close friend of General Petraeus," said Victor. Victor said he and Kelly met in VIP section at the convention, where Kerlly said " she was very close friend of General and that " Gen Petraeus arranged her position as honarary consul for South Korea". She also alleged that she had access to senior government officials in Soth Korea. Victor said he thought it made sense to me that Petraeus would want to put a trusted aide in charhe of promoting free trade. When Kelly named her fee for brockering the deal, however, Victor balked. The coal gasification plants under discussion were worth $ 4 billion , said Victor, and Kelly wanted a two percent cut. "That is a $ 80 million fee" said victo, " I mean It is a problamayic. No broker gets $ 80 M. I mean that is two whole orders of magnitude higher than that they would get. Victor said "he terminated the relatonship" after Kelly asked for $ 80 million. He though that while she was not making an appropriate request on purpose and that shweed she was inexperienced and unsqualified for the job. He also began to wonder about Petraeus' decision.

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