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Monday, November 26, 2012

Veena Malik Wants To Set Kisses World Record

It seems like Veena Malik is ready to compete with "serial kisser" for giving maximum number of kisses. Veena Malik disclosed in a recently held press conference that she was going to give maximum number of kisses in her coming film " The city date never slips" to come on set soon, so that her name may be enlisted in the Guinesses Book Of World Record for largest number of kisses. Veena said that kiss was a nice expression of love and one's passions. She said that with the kiss one could tolerate the most hurting trouble ( This is the idealogy of a prostitute like Veena, who can do everything for money). Veena is prepared to be called next serial kisser. Why Veena does not settle in India and make herslf "One Night Bride" of half a billion Hindus.? Though she is doing so now too, but after getting Indian citenship and quitting that of Pakistan's, will be her great kindness for Pakistanis.

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