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Friday, November 30, 2012

Palestinian Authority's Status Has Been Upgraded

UN General Assembly has given the Paletine the status of non-member observer while the USA and Israel have strongly opposed the resolution. Thursday, the resolution tabled in UN general assembly for upgrading the status of Palestine was accepted by 138 votes out of 193. Nine countries including USA, Canada and Israel voted against while 41 countries did not use their votes. Before the voting in general assembly, the president of Paletinian authority Mahmoud Abbas appealed to the UN in his address," Today UN is appealed to issue birth certificate to Palestine." He further said ," On the this day 65 years ago UN had accepted the resolution 181 and had divided Palestine into two parts and issued birth certificate to Israel." After the resolution was passed in the UN general assembly, Paletinians celebrated it with joy taking to the streets by fireworks, distributing sweets and singing the songs. The IOsraeli ambassador adressing before the UN general assembly session opposed the resolution and said," theresolution will result in no peace making rather it will cause shock to the promotion of peace. The 4000 year-attachment of Israel to this soil can not be broken by a resolution." Britian and Germany though did not take part in the voting but both the countries were not happy to present this resolution by Palestine in the UN general Assembly. However, this resolution was backed by France, Russia, China, India and South Africa. Last year Paletine had appealed to the UN for giving full membership but in the security council this was vetoed by the USA and Paletinian's attempt got failed. After obtaining membership as non-member state Palestine will join international organizations of UN including Internatonal Court of Justice.

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