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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Poors Are Made Experimental Units For Testing New Drugs In India

Newly manufactired drugs are tested on the poor people in India, with out telling them and many deaths have occured due to these tests. The companies resposible for the tests have been asked to investigate the matter that caused deaths of many people. The mother-in-law, Chandar Kala Bai of Nato Devi belonging to India state Madhya Pradesh during May 2009, died within one month from heart attack due to testing of a foreign made drug in Maharaj Yashont Rao Hospital. Nato Devi said that she did not know that her mother in law was given "Tona Pofi Line" medicine through biogen Iedic test. She said that her husband and herself both were illiterate and the documents we had stamped thumb impression on were not agreed upon by us. The test that was registered through Biogen Iedic company in Britain was stopped after because of complaints of deaths. This is not the only incident of death of testing drugs. But several other cases were also reported. In another trial of the drug of other company, Tezoja Bai the mother of Narain Sarobia was given drug with out their consent and not informing them about the test. Narain visited Hospital for the treatment of his mother's legs. After a few days her legs became paralyzed and Narain told the doctors but they advised to continue taking drug and replied that she will recover after some time, but Tezoja Bai died too after a few weeks. Maharaj Yashont Rao Hospital has conducted drug experiments on 53 people and majority of them died. The trials had been sponsored by German and British companies who pay a lot money to the doctors along with tours of the foreign countries.

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