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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Film SEAL Team 6 Sets Viewership's New Record

The film shot in the USA about Abottabad operation on Osama Ben Laden compound "SEAL TEAM 6" : The Raid On Osama Ben Laden, has set new viewreship recor for the first time. The film that is said to be dangerous is based on the raid on Osama. The film was picturized after several month planning and shows the scenes of attacking and and according to Americans killing of Osama. The film include the secret information of Abbottabad operation and 90- minute video is the specificity of the film. Monitoring of the Osama's compound and the story of spying CIA sying also includes the film while trailer shows the glimpses of the president Obama. Due to which it is considered part of the election compaign. The release of the film 2 days before the election day is also meaningful. Abbotabad operation is termed as a great success of the Obama regime. The film was watched by 2.7 million viewers that is a record for a private TV channel. Though the film is totally fake SEAL operation was just a drama, while Obama died long before the raid. USA could not show his dead body why? whereas Obama takes it as his GREAT SUCCESS.

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