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Saturday, November 17, 2012

There Is No Majority To Make Saraiki Province---Zardari

As we expected and already said that PPP is never sincere in fulfilling its promises made to the masses. Though me, the blogger, inspite of, being a saraiki speaking and from the KPK never were in favor of constituiting provinces on linguistic basis. As the Khyber Pakhtoon Kha has been made. This is the mentality of Pakistani politicians that they take up an issue that could never be solved and they intentionally creat that one to exploitthe passions and sentiments of the people to get votes. They never think in the interest of nation. As the issue of Pakhtoonistan was created by ANP and had been winning the seats in election in the past. Now they have Kala Bagh Dam issue. If they want to make Saraiki province or province of Soukthern Punjab as thay say why not to make Hazara a province. They know that the problem they include in their political slogans is impossible to adress, so they make promises during one tenure and excusing the opposition for hurdles to solve the issue they demand another term. Why Gilani, who is strongly demading Saraiki province now, did not make any progress towards the issue. He became sympthatic now to Saraiki belt to get votes. Suddenly, Zardari came to know that there is no majority with him to make the province, though Sharif brothers also favor the separatre province. Did not he know before, when his party was voicing for Saraiki province? He used to address Saraiki people in Saraiki language and making promises. No politician is sincere to nation, except two instittion in the country. The Apex court and the PAK army. May be Imran Khan comparatively.

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