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Monday, November 5, 2012

Who Is Mitt Romney?--- Candidate For White House

Romneyy rose as the most strong candidate of Republican Party for 2012 presidential elections and he defeated his opponents with in his party. He has been the governor of Massachussettes once, he had been a candidate presidential election during 2008. He has wealth, successful business experience, has a vast majority of supporters and national identity. With wide jaws and shining eyes he has handsome personality. Most of the people were looking him as presidential candidate since ling. Moreover, he is a successful married life with one lady for the last 4 decades. During 2008, he was defeated as presidential candidates by senastor from Aeizona, John Macklean. But, he sit did not sit idle till the Obama remain in the White House and remained busy in extending his circle of supporters as presidential candidate. He thinks that due to having financial experience he will convinve the voters for the improvement of the national economy. A big hinderance in his way was his faith of Mormon community and during his nomination many people looked him suspiciously. Willard Mitt Rom,ney was born in 1947 in Michigan. His father George Romney was the governor from Republican party of the state. Geoge Romney also participated in presidential race during 1968's elections. Romney worked as Mormon missionay for two years and then he joined BurghamPing University where he got law and commerce degrees. He was appointed on a higher rank in Mormon Church and afterward, he joined Bostan management consulting organization Ban and Company then he was selected as chairman of the company. Later he constituted his oown Ban Capital company. He was selected as administrator in Salt Lake City in 1999 for 2002 Winter Olympics. Same year he was elected as governor of the Massachustes. He changed his point of view about abortion and right of homosexual so that he can influence the republican voters. During the current year he was selected as presidential candidate on August 28, meeting of the republicans, after spending $ 35 million and he is criticizing in his adresses the president of the USA instead of his opponents. He seems to be at par regarding the trend of the voters and will give tough time to Obama. The day of November 06, will decide whether Americans trust him or not?

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