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Friday, November 2, 2012

Kim Inspired Nadya's S'X Tape Stardom Dreams

Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, dreamed of sex tape stardom a la Kim Kardashian when she filmed her solo 'performance' video for Wicked Pictures this summer. " All Nadya was talking about was millions" an insider said of the Octomom Porn, "She even compared herself to the Kardashians" hoping to be famous. Nadya claims she made the film to overcome her fears of intimacy and sexuality- not for money, but it is well-documented that she hit the rock bottom, financially. Whatever the motivation, a friend said she was convinced she would strike it rich. "Nadya tends to get obsessive and her immaturity leads her to make impulsive decisions. She truely thought she would end up as successful as Kardashian" Nadya entered Rehab over the weekend, with Machael Lohan immediately claiming credit for convincing her to check into an in-patient treatment program. Other source says that she suffers from major psychological issues that require treatment. "However, this trip to Rehab is probably another ploy for Nadya to get publicity and money from media outlets that pay for pictures and stories." Nadya leads a very sad and lonely life. She is surrounded by children all the day every day having little reaction with the adults." One could feel almost sorry for Octomom if she did not have six kids before she had IVM to implant eight more fertilized embroys inside her. All while having no income or partner to help out with childcare or pay bills. All very well thought. out.

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