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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kris Jenner Has Not Ruled Out Dating Younger Men

Kris Jenner will 'kinow' when she finds love again, and has not ruled out dating younger men. Kris Jenner will 'know' when he finds love again. The 58-year-old TV personality announced her separation from 64-year-old husband Bruce Jenner after a 22-year msarriage earlier this year and has not ruled out finding love with a younger man. Talking on Entertainment Tonight she said, " I guess I will know when it happens. I have learned not to plan anything anymore." You find who you fall in love with in life. If they happen to be a certain age, they happen to be a certain age". Kris and Bruce "see each other every day" and the Olympic Medalist insists their break -up could not be more amicable. He previously said, "she supports me, I see her every day, we are doing absolutely great." The former couple are keen to stick together and help their biological Kendall, 18, and Kylie, 16, deal with the pressure of fame, after they hit the headlines accused of underage partying. Bruce explaned, sometimes it is very difficult. Sometimes the press will take some really, really tough shots at the family when they are not deserved and totally false, especially with my kids. " I do not care what they say about me, but when they stsart ragging on my kids for things that they are not doing and totally misinterpreting them, that really really bothers me to say the least."

The Aging Proces Can Be Slowed Down By Manipulating Telemere's Length

The long awaited news is finally here. People can now have better life to live hundreds of years longer. Not only that, cancer tooo might be no longer unbeatable. By unlocking more and more secrets of how our DNA and its components work, scientists are becoming more enthusiastic than ever. They now believe that aging can be slowed down or rversed through manipulating the length of telomere, the antidote for cancer may lie in activating telomerase, and chronic age-related dideases can be kissed goodbye very soon. Until recently the aging process was thought as inevitable; there was no way to slow it down let alone reverse it. But recent scietific breakthrough has revealed many secrets. Telomere, a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences located at the tips of chromosomes, is meant to protect DNA integrity and allow proper cellular division wity any loss of genetic information. Telomere is easier to imagine as plastic cap at the end of shoe laces, which is crucial to prevent fine strands from unraveling and from getting entangled with one another. With each cell division, however, Telomere progressively shortens until it reaches to a minimal length at which cell is no longer able to proliferate. At this stage the cell is said to have reached ti its hayflick Limit. It will then either die, senesce, or somehow (in an abnormal way) escape he usual fate and keep replicating. It has a big implication to determine whether the uncontrolled cellular proliferation lead to malignancy. By understanding the funtion of Telomere and it limits the lifespan of a cell, the aging process has become much clearer. In fact the 'telomere' phenomenon is now believed to be the main cause of aging, beside oxidative stress and other external factors. Siince cellular death or its failure to further divide means the beginning of deterioration of various bodily functions, it also indicates aging. Numerous studies have shown a strong link between telomeric DNA logetivity. Longer telomers are found in those with longer lifespan, while shorter ones are associated with early or premature death. Not only thast, scietists now believe that long telomeres may a factor contributing to better health (or are cause of it) Courtsy (

Army Commond Stick Is Called "Malaka Stick"

The symbolic stick used during the tranfer of army commond is called 'Malaka Stick' which is made up of cane imported from Singapore. The commond stick intoduced by Britishers during their Pak-India rule has become a tradition now in Pak army. This stick is given to every one-star general. If it is broken, its importance is not affected, however, other one is not issued. It is also called batoon, it is symbolic sign of tranfering of the charge of any office, and it is handed over to the officer posted on the post by the relinquishing officer. Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has handed over the Malaka Stick to Gen Raheel Sharif with which responsibilitis of army commond have also been handed over to him on Friday.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Man Dies Using iPhone 4S When Its Charger Was Hooked To Power Outlet

A man in Thailand was reportedly holding the iPhone 4 S at the time of his death and the device was hooked to the power outlet. The man was reportedly declare dead after being electrocuted while using his Apple iPhone 4 S when it was charging. According to reports the charger was found to be third-party one, not the original Apple- supplied charger. The 28-year-old man found dead in his room with burn marks across his hand and body, reported Techin Asia. The exact cause of death is yet to be ascertained. The reports though claim that charger could have overheated resulting in electrocution.

Saudi TV Presenter Found To Be Paedophile

Saudi SArabia's religios police arrested a a children program presenter at a famous TV channel accused of raping many little boys in Gulf Kingdom. Sabq Arabic language newspaper said the presenter workd for a "famous" TV channel but did not identify both of hem. It said the presenter was caght by members of Commission for the Promotion of Virtues and Prevention of Vice and security men of shopping mall in Riyadh while taking a 9-year-old boy with him. Commission members rushed to the mall after recediving calls from security men and a woman., who said the presenter was involved in "Obscene" phone call with his little son. Security men detained the presenter after woman saw him taking a boy. " The presenter confressed during interrogation that he had raped and molesteed many boys because he had psychological problem, paper said. "It was revealed later that he used his children programme for his evil acts and had targeted only handsome children. Police found many pictures in his mobile phone showing him in abscene acts with kids.

Gen Haroon Aslam Is Too Dishearted

The senior most superceded lt Gen Haroon Aslam for the appointment of army chief or chairman of joint chiefs was told that he is being appointed as CJCSC and he shared this news with his close friends and family members and has been receiving congratulations, till Nov 26, but he did not expect what was done to him. Because during the visit of prime minister to GHQ, gen Haroon was told off the record that PM wants to appoint him CJCS instead of army chief. But when the nominations for the army chief and CJCS were announced he was in his office in GHQ from where he left for home. Gen Kiani, Gen Rashid and Gen Raheel expressed sympathies with him for being superceeded. But Gen is too diahearted that he left attending office before his application for resignation was accepted. He even did not attend corp commondars farewll conference inspite of army chief's directions. It is said that an informal meeting with PM damaged his career. Another reason for being ignored for the appoint of any of the two offices was his alleged role in murder of Akbar Bugti. At the time he was appointed as General Officer Commonding Quetta as Maj Gen and leading the operation against Baloch separatists in Dera Bugti. The supporters of Haroon Aslam say that the direct directions for the operations by Musharraf were given to Col aamir Hameed, who had metMushrraf before leaving for Quetta. On the occasion of Independence Day Celebrations on 14th of August this year in Convention Center Islamabad when half a dozen senior army officers left the hall with Kiani, Haroon Aslam did not accompany them but was waiting in Veranda to meet PM who had to pass from here. Though he met PM but this meeting damageable for him, because army leadership got annoyed of his his act. His attempts to meet several leasders for appointment as army chief did not prove beneficial for him. However, Nawaz Sharif may not have committed the same mistake as he did previously or as did late Bhutto. May Allah bring peace to Pakistan who ever is the chief of army. However, new army chief belongs to the family of Martyres and courageous army officers. He is the younger brother of Shabbir Shahhed NH and nephew of Aziz Bhatti Shaheed.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

POETRY== Hayat e Gumgashta Lost Life)-- 13

*-- Kia Yaad Tujhay Bhi Atay Hein Do you remember too *-- Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha There was a boy and a girl *-- Rah Mein Uski Hael Kai Dilkash Phanday Hotay Thay There were a lot of attractive traps to hinder boy's way *-- Kat Kay Dilkag Pahdoon Ko Larka Saaf Nikalta Tha Cutting these attractive traps the boy used to save himself cleanly *-- Rah Takti Do Aankhoon Ki Woh Laj Hamaisha Rakhta Tha The boy used to maintain the honour and respect of waiting two eyes for him *-- Har Eik Semester Mein Larka Tub Course Ziada Laita Tha The boy used to take maximum course work in each semester *-- Larki Ko Milnay Ki Tarap Mein Har Ek Dukh Ko Sahta Tha He tolerated all the difficulties to meet the girl soon *-- Akhirkar Woh Larka Ilm Ki Aala Degree Laita Hae Lastly the boy obtains the highest degree of education(Knowledge) *-- Yaani Shart e Wasl e Laila Bhi Mukammal Karta Hae That is he fulfills the condition to get her beloved *-- Kia Yaad Tujhay Bhi Atay Hein Do you remember too *-- Ek Larki Pakistan Mein Thee Aur Larka Jo Pardes Mein Tha The girl was in Pakistan and the boy who was outside the country (Continued) Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir

Dubai Will Be The Host City Of World Expo 2020

Following a heated international competition over the course of two years, the United Arab Emirates was announced the winner of World Expo 2020 hosting bid. Dubai will be the host city of the World's biggest and the most pretigious fair as the world welcomes the new decade. The voting took place at Paris, France at the Organization of Economic cooperation and Development (OECD) coference center where the representaives of 165 member states of Bureau International des Exposition (BIE) cast their votes to select winning city. Three member countries namel, South Sudan, Chad and Costa Rica were excluded by the BIE from th vote due to technical reasons. Dubai's bid was announced winner after receiving 116 votes in a secret ballot, thus outdating bids by the candidate cities of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Ekaterinburg (Russia) and Tzmir (Turkey). BIE is the intergovernmental organization in charge of overseeing calender, bidding, selection and organisation of world and international Expos. Holding the Expo 2020 in Dubai will coincide with the celebrations of Golden Jubilee of foundation of the United Arab Emirates. This will reflect positively on the event as the county celebrates truely remarkable developmental march. President UAE, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nayan congratulsated , vice president , prime minister and ruler of Dubai Sheikh Muhasmmad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, on Dubai's winning the bid to host World Expo 2020. He said the success was due to series of great acheivements the UAE has been incessantly making since its establishment 42 years ago to remain in the lead in all fields. Sheikh Muhammad said " we review our promise to astonish the world in 2020. Dubai will bring to to life our vision: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. Dubai Expo 2020 will breath new life into the ancient role of thre Middle East as a melting pot for culture and creativity." The UAE has chosen a unique theme that rflects future ambitions in harmony with the exhibition's objectives," Connecting Minds, Creating the Future", Would provide a ungue platform forthe global community to come together and explore creative and pioneering solutions to the three subthemes which have been identified as key drivers of global development, " Sustainability," Mobility" and "Opportunity". Expo 2020 is expected to have significant and positive economic impact on tye United Arab Emirates and region's intial reserch and studies indicate that hosting Expo 2020 will generate 277,000 new job opportunities between 2013 and 2020, each of these new job opportunities will sustain around 50 jobs in MENESA ( Middle East, North Africa and South Asia) region. Over a period of six months, Expo 2020 is expected to attract over 25 million visitors, 70 % of them will be outside the UAE.

Nik Abdul Aziz---A Real Poor Ruler Of Malaysian Province

Most of the rulers in the world live in magnificant palaces and gather luxuries of the world around them and their families. They forget the people whom they rule and for whom Allah had make them sit on the highest place of power. But, thee are some rulers live in old, simple houses live like common man and do not want to see security around them ti give them safety of life, because they Trust In Allah, who has the power of Life and Death. Among them is Nik Abdul Aziz, chief minister of Malaysian state Kalentan (he resigned on May 6, due to poor health). He has been in power, being the second longest tenured ruler of human history. He remained the chief ministe of Kalentan state for 22 years 8 months and 14 days. Interestingly, Abdul Aziz faced hard opposition of federal government, who tried to oust him, to defeat him in the elections but failed. Under the rule of this simple man who belonged to Islamic Movement 'PAS', the peole of Kalentan province rose above the powerty line and became prosperous. Skyscrapers are appearing in the state. Not only urban life became stable economically but rural people also became rish and properous. Abdul SAziz and his cabinet members live simple lives and all had been free of any kind of corruption. There was a lot of difference in the ruling style of prime minister Mahatir Muhammad and Abdul Aziz. He was born on January 10, 1931 in Pulao Maleka. His father was a black smith. He studied five years at Darul Uloom Deoband Uttar Pradesh, India. He obtained Bachelor of ASrts in Arabic studies and Master of Arts degree in Islamic jurisprudence from Al-Azhar University, Egypt. He is able to converse in English, Tamil, Urdu, Arabic in addition to his native Malay language. His administration in Kalentan frequently clashed on role of Islam in Malaysia with former prime minister Dr Mahatir Muhammad. In contrast with the racially- exclusive ruling party UMNO (United National Malay Organisation), he openly rejected communal politics. Nik Abdul Aziz has been known to commond support from non-Muslims in malaysia and played a leading role in PAS' increase popularity among non-Muslims. His clashes wity federal government reached to the level that funds for his state from federal govenment were stopped and Abdul Aziz did not recedive a single Ringet from central govet. This policy had been follwed by the coming PMs Abdullah Badawi and Najeen Razzaq. The funds are not provided directly but through federal institutions. Kalentan did not receive any oiol royalty since 2004. His son Nik Adli was held under Malaysian Internal Security Act in 2001 for alleged terrorist activities and planning Jihad, possessing weapon and membership in Kumpulan Mujahidin Malaysia (KMM), an Islamist extremist group. After five years in dtention without trial he was released. Nik Abdul Aziz has been known for his simpli life and honesty. He refused to reside in CM house and continued living in his ancestral house in Pulao Maleka. When he prayed in his office he put the lights off because he considered prayer his personal task. He decrease his pay by 40 percent as chief minister. He also He also decreased the CM house's expenditure to a large extent. He lives in a house that is half made up of woods. During 22and a half year rule fedreal agencies could not find any sign of corruption in his government. n honest ans simple ruler in Islamic world is hsard to find. Msay Allah Bless Nik Abdul Aziz of Malaysia. Would Pakistani leaders learn some lesson from the life of Nik Abdul Aziz?.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kaley Cuoco Sets a Wedding Date Withn Fiance

The Big Bang Theory star plans to get 2014 year started in a style by marrying fiance Ryan Sweeting on New Year's Eve. Insiders told Us Weekly that the actress, 27, and her tennis pro beau,26, plan to tie the knot in Southern California on December 31. The event will double as a fire-and-ice themed holiday bash, with cocktails, dances and plenty to celebrate. The actress' rep first confirmed her engagement on September 26, three months after the couple started dating, and just after a few days they made their red-crpet debute together at a pre-Emmys' party, " I kinow that it seems a little crazy on paper", she told ET after Sweeting proposed. " But it is what works for us.". Earlier this month the blone star joked on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson that she hasd been planning her wedding for 27 years. " I might ride in on one of my horses" she quipped, " I secretely kinda want to do that". What she wants more than anything, though, is for the big day to mean something, "I only want to do this once" she said.

Gay Rights Activists Marched In India To End Stagmitization Of Gay People

Hundreds of gay rights sactivitists have marched through the streets of New Delhi demanding end to stagmatization to gay people in India's deeply conservative society. There was a carnival-like atmosphere on the streets as activiss sang songs and carried rainbow-colored flags and ballons while marching to the beat of traditional Indian drums. A group of sctivists carried a 15m rainbow-colored banner while others waved placards demanding freedom to dignified lives. Demonstrators urged an end to all forms of discrimination gays, lesbians and transgenders, four years after a colonial-era law that criminalized gay sex was overturned.

Lt Gen Raheel Sharif--- The New Army Chief

Prime Minister Muhammad Naaz Sharif has selcted the new leadership of Pakistan Army. The new army chief will be Lt Gen Raheel Sharif, while Lt Gen Rashid Mahmood has been appointed Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. The out going army chief Gen Kiani was consulted for the appointment of new army chief. General Head quarter is preparing for the change of army commond. May Allah bring safety and security to Pakistan under the new army leadership. Lt Gen Aslam Haroon left behind in the race for army chief.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pakistan's JF-17 Thunder Jet Impressed International market

Deputy Chief Project Director JF-17 Thunder Jet Air Commodore Khalid Mehmood has said that several countries have shown keen interest in acquisition of Pakistani figter jet and negotiations in this regard are at different phases of completion. In an interview to local media, he said that Pakistan was holding negotiations with different countries for export of indigeniously manufactured multi-role JF-17 tHunder figher jets. THe air commodore said the low cost and high capability and peformance has made the fighter jet very competitive in the international market. He expressed the confidence that this aircraft will soon become part of airforces of other countries. Khalid Mehmood said serial production of JF-17 is continuing in the country and currently two squadron of aircraft are flying in Pakistan. He said Pakistan Aeronautical complec Kamra has the capability to annually develope sixteen JF-17 jets which can be enhanced to 25 in case we receive any order of export, we will be able to deliver it after meeting the requirements of Pakistan Air Force. Rejecting the impression that Russia has expressed concern over the use of its engine in the aircraft, he clarified that these engines were very efficient and there is no reason to reject them.

Women Can Stop Getting Pregnant Temporarily---- Senior Saudi Scholar

Muslim women are allowed to mix with males at shopping centers and hospitals, but they should be dressed decently and avoid seducing men, according to a senior Saudi Islamic Scholar. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Sileiman Bin Menei, a member of the seven-man Supreme Scholars Authority in the Gulf Kingdom said women should spend more time at their homes but advised men to listen to their wives and not to ignore them. 'Sada' Arabic language paper published what it said were new Fatwas (Islamic edicts) by Sheikh Menie on various social issues in the country, where gender-mixing is strictly banned in most places, including schools and univrsities. As for gender-mixing in public plsces, unintentional mixing in such places as shopping centers and hospitals is not prohibited, butmy advice to women is that they must dress decently and keep their face veil on. Asked about women who are sterilised, he said such acts are prohibited in Islam, but Muslim women can stop getting pregnant temporarily to contribute to birth control, "this is because women need rest sometimes and also neede to look after their children" Stopping getting pregnant for a while will benefit women, he said. " As for men to seek to sideline women, I say that women who present their opinion are not violating decency. Women are our sisters and we should listen to their opinion and accept it if it is right. Their have been many cases when women presented right opinion and view points." he said. Sheikh Menie also appeared relatively open to women getting jobs but again stressed they should be dressed decently. " Women can take any job provided they do not hold all the powers in any company. They can start business and can have a position in a company. They can also manage their own assets as long as they stick to a dcent appearance," Sheikh added.

Pakistan Made "Burraq" And "Shahpar" Drones Handed Over To Pak Army

National Engineering And Scientific Commission (NESCOM) has prepared unmanned drones that have been handed over to Pak army and Pakistan Air Force. These spying planes have been made by the engineers of NESCOM that can fly over a height of 55,000 feet and are capable of carrying missiles. They can also be used for moniteering weater and environmental changes. Pakistani engineers have proved their expertise in making Burraq and Shahpar within ingeginous sources. Thedrone inclusion in the fleet of army and Air Force has increased the cability of forces two fold. These drones are no less in their capability than American drones.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Meryl Streep-- The Beauty Of Decades

" I have always regarded myself as the pillar of my life", Obviously! (+)Meryl Streep can say these words because she led herself beyond acheivements, her name is guarantee for the success of any flick. Every performer has peak period in his/her career but Meryl always sustained herself on the peak of mountain of celebs. She is still working in front-line films. It is said that great beauties seldom immense actresses because they do not need to be but Meryl Streep's personality is an amalgam of splendor outlook, deligence and assiduousness. She is a big noise among her contemporaries and predecessors. Her role of Karen in Silk-wood urged the audience to accept her "Wonder of earth". Streep's spontaneity and her true to life performance granted her ample reverence in the eyes of audience and critics. Beauty is a power, smile is its sword. This saying is fit on Streep due to her effortless smile. Manhattan (1979), Sophie's choice (1982), Out of Africa (1985), and Music of hert (1999) were some mega hits of Meryl. Nobody has been considered for nominations of Oscars 17 times except Streep ( she acheived 3 Oscars, 8 Golden Globe and 100 plus other awards). After gaining second Oscar in 1982 she waited for 20 years, at last the role in Iron Lady proved Streep down-to-earth iron lady. It is a fact that world's biggest lime-light industry (Hollywood) has been surrounded by sky-scrappers actors and actresses, (+)Streep is on top among them. Sometimes we think that when woman enteres in her 60's then she thinks herself old but Streep shattered this concept. Beauty does not only comprise of fair complexions, and tender outlook, it is beyond these things. Aphrodite bequeathed her beauty and wisdom to (+)Meryl Streep and day by day her megnificence has been extended by nature. Her excertions are continue yet, it is a damn with faint praise if we will not call Meryl BEAUTY Of DECADES.

British Attorney General Apologizes For Remarks Regaring UK-Based Pakistani Community

British Attorney General Dominic Grieve MP apoligized for his remaks about UK-based Pakistani community after serious notice taken by Pakistan High Commissioner in the United Kingdom Wajid Shams ul Hassan. In a statement HC described tese remarks as negative and detrimental to the steady growth of bilateral relations between the two countries. The British Attorney had, in an interview with THe Telegraph labelled the Pakistani community living in UK as corrupt. The high commissioner said these remarks are contarary to the British Prime Minister David Camern's repeated apprciation of the constructive role played by the pakistani Diaspora in the economy, culture, politics and the society of the United Kingdom.

Jihad In Pakistan Is Haraam (Unislamic)-----Aasia Andraabi

Kashmiri leader Aasia Andraabi has said Jihad in Pakistan is UnIslamic (Haraam). She said while talking to BBC that an Alqaeda member had contacted her to make sure the participation of Kashmiri young men in the "Jihad of Implementation of Sharia laws In Pakistan" She said though she was told that a Saudi journalist wanted to interview her but when the man met me he told that he belonged to Al-Qaeda and also sponsors Tehreek e Taliban active in Pakistan. Aasia said that she replied to his offer that Kashmiris will never be the part of any conspiracy that weakens Pakistan. Aasia said she replied to the socalled journalist that this type of plan can not be constituted by Al Qaeda and he was the the agent of any other agency. She shuntede that man and directeed him to return back because she said she considered it a sin to fire a bullet on the soil of Pakistan. Aasia said the man referree to the Hadith (PBUH) about the forecast of Ghazwa e Hind (Islamic battle of Hind, India), but she said "I said what he is referring to will start from central Russia not from Pakistan". And Kashmiri will never make themselves a part of any nefarious designs of Pakistan's enemies. She said there are such sincere young people in TTP who really want the implementation of Shsaria in Pakistan. She said India and Israel are actively taking part in conspiracies in Pakistan hrough TTP. All they are doing is to destabilize Pakistan.

Iran Kneeing Down To World Powers On Uraniium Enrichment Issue

Iran and world powers agreed on a historic plan regarding controvercial isuue of Iran's nuclear program. World community has welcomes the agreement while Saudi Arabia and Israel showing strict reation have rejected it. Iran's dialogue with six world powers in Swittezerland met with success (as Obama said) and Iran will limit its nuclear program to 5 % enrichment of uranium during next six months. While Iran's atomic instalations will be kept open for world moniteering. In turn Iran will receive $ 7 billion from western countries and the United States to restore its economy during next six months. The santions already impose will be made lineant and no new santions will be impose on Iran. A statement issued from White House said tis initial agreement is for six months and Iran will limit its atomic program to a visible extent. Iran will get $ 5 billion from the sale of its petro chemicals, oil and fromprecious metals. Iran will also get back its frozen assetts in foregn bank worth Billions of dollars. However, Ira will have to prove full inplemevtation of the agreement. President Obama in his briefing said that it was first step toward making the world safest place. He said Iran has the right for peaceful atomic program, however, agreement carries solid limitations that will keep Iran away from making atomic weapons. Obama dded that Iran's atomic prgram was stoppeed for the first time in decdes, Iran can not proceed further in enhancing it but it will be shrunken from different sides. Iranian president Rohhani has said on his Twitter message that this consructive agreement has paved ways to new horizons. The foreign ministers of Iran, USA, Germany, France, Britain, China ansd Russia participatee in he dialogue. Saudi ambassador to Britain prince Muhammad Bin Nawaf Bin Abdul Aziz has said that Iran must be stopped on all costs from constructing nuclear weapons. He said we have all the options open to face any challenge from Iran. He sadded that the powers signing agreement must tell what would be the impacts of this understanding with Tehran. He said the lineancy policy with Iran would not work.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Yasir Arrafat Was Poisoned--- Swiss Scientists Solved The Enigma Of His Death

Suha Araafat, the widow of Yasir Arrafat who belongs to Malta, had requested Swiss scientists on July 31, 2012 to investigate further the remains of Yasir Araafat because Suha said, French, Palestinian and Russian experts' research revealed that her deceased husband's death occured due to "plotonium " poison. Accoording to the report of Alarabia Tv, Swiss government decided to carry out investigation with more responsiblity, care and attention on the request of Suha. The task of tests was handed over to the experts of Radiology Laboratory of Laseen University Hospital of Switzerland. A team of 50 experts issued a 108-page detailed report in curent month (November) after keenly, minutely and carefully testing the remains of late Yasir Araafat that says the investigation had confiremed deceased death by feeding a fatal poison "plotonium 210". The report was issued with the signatures of 10 experts of the Hospital Center of Daiwoos University. Reoort said that toxilogical and radio toxicological new study of the samples of Yasir's remains unexpectedly indicated the effets of most dangerous radio active poison 'plotonium 210' The report also denied the media report that late Yasir Araafat died of smoking. But report revealed 18-20 percent level of plotonium in the bones and muscles of the deceased. It has been confirmed that Yasir Araafat was poisoned and was killed. But who was responsible for it? Palestinian authority, French doctors or Israel? This element is only available with the state that is involved in atomic activities because it is only in very little quanty available with the countries having nuclear wea[pons. Who can have this metal then except and who can have serious enemity with Yasir Araafat thn Israel.

Tehreek e Taliban Warns Minister For Information Parvez Rasheed

The important leader and spokesperson of banned Pakistan Tehreek e Taliban, Shahid Ullah Shahid has warned ferderal minister for information and boroadcasting Parvez Rasheed to issue sensible statements and he should not Awami National Party (ANP), oterwise he will be treated as ANP had been dealt with by Taliban. Shahi Ullah said that Psarvez Rasheed should keep up with Pakistan Muslim League and do not come close to ANP, otherwise his fate will be worst.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

British Court Branded Husband A 'Liar' and His Ex-Wife ' Conspiray Theorist'

One of the Britain's and most bitter divorce battles culminated o Friday with a High Court judge branding a well-connected millionaire a liar and his ex-wife a conspiray theorist. Far from being 'penniless and hopelessly bankrupt' as he claimed, Scot Young,51, was worth 40 million pounds and his ex-wife Michelle Young, 49, should get half of it, judge phillip Moore rules out. "The case has been extraordinay even by the standards of the most bitter of matrimonial breakdowns" Moore wrote in his ruling, noting that it had taken over six years and 65 court hearings to come to trial. The case had made heasdlines in Britain because of the siize of the claims and fact that Scott had enjoyed financial help from high-profile frimds including Phillip Green, the billionaire owner of the Topshop retail chain. Michelle Young has run up legal bills of 6.5 million pounds while Scot Young has served six months in jail for failing to provide full and frank disclosure of his assets. The pair was married for 17 years untill 2006, and enjoyed lavish lifestyle of mansions, jet-setting holidays and gifts of diamond jewellry funded by scot's investments in property, technology and start-up companies. It all fell apart when marriage breakdown coincided with what the husband described as a total meltdown of his business empire and left him ' penniless and hopelessly bankrupt'.wit unpaid debts of 20 million pounds. The judge said it was impossible to know the full truth of his financial position due to the "significant nibmber of lies told by he husband to so many people over such a long peiod." The judge ordered Young to pay his ex-wife a lump sum of 20 million pounds within 28 days. Michelle maimntained that meltdown wa a fiction specially designed to hide her ex-husband's wealth and to deprive her and couple's two daughters of their rightful share- a vesrion of events also rejected by the judge. " she sees conspiracy everywhere" he wrote. A furious Michelle branded the ruling 'disgraceful'. " i stand by what I said, He is worth billions" she told reporters outside the court, according to reports in several British national media. She also issued a written statement in which she called her ex-husband a "mianic".

Some Interesting Old Laws In The USA That Are Not Applicable Today

Let us have a look on some interesting and unbelievable rules and laws in the today's super power that are not applicable now but once they were in use,, with the moderinization and development those were put aside. One can guess from the these laws that how was the past of today's super power of the world. For example in the states of California and Ohio the catching of rats or buying apparatus to catch them was illegal. In the city of Denver of Colorado state , city council had banned legally to lend vacuum cleaner to neighbourers. It was a crime in Atlanta to tie elephant or a big sise animal to poles. Legislstion was constituted in Delawar to stop lion to accopmany to cinema house. In Indiana to take icecream with spoon was prohibited on airport. Similarly in New Jersy icecream was prohibited to eat with out medical prescription after 6 in the evening. According to Delawar's local law, sneazing in the planes was not allowed. Ohio state had a law that nobody could travel by plane till one year after his/her marriage. Did you note these laws are foolishness more than interesting, what a shining past the Today's super powere has?

Google's Struggle For Empowering Women In India

Several studis about the use of internet revealed that it is playing an important role in India for empowering women. Internet can serve better to give a shining version to the lives of women. Google has taken a step ahead in his regard. Google has established 'Helping Women Gate Online' for the purpose. IT has fixed a target of linking 50 million women to internet by the end of year 2014. In this regard Google intends to initiate a mass media compaign as a first phase. Google has launched a website for the purpose that will have information about the use of internet. The information website will be available both in English and Hindi languages.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Imran Khan's Life Is Under Threat Due To Hard-Line Stance Against US

Condemning US over its policies about drone strikes and War on Terror, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan's life is under serious threats and special security plans have been chalked out in this regard. PTI Chaimeman's current stance against NATO supplies and US could jeopardize his life, a local newspaper reported. The report said that US and its allies were not happy with Khan and could kill him through its local agents. Lae enforcement agencies have already increased in security and informed about the threat to Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. External powers in the country are already busy in destabilize Pakistan, and they can kill any prominent personality, report added. It is worth mentioning here that Khan strongly condemned drone attacks in Hangu and said the attack was carried out ih the settled area of the country for the first time and US has got courage to attack anywhere in the country, including its capital, due to the dual policis of the present government. "We have the legal right to halt NATO supplies now that US strike has hit the sttled district of Hangu" Imran Khan said in a news conference. He added that this strike- the first outside volatile tribal regions since his party came into power- is a decisive moment for Pakistan.

Brazillian Model Offers Her Virginity In Online Auction

A Brazillian model who created an online uproar by offering her virginity in a controvercial online auction in 2012 is back yet it again. Earlier a Japanese millionaire offered Catarina Migliorini $ 7,80,000 in an online auction that was linked to a television documentary, Virgins Wanted, by Australian filmmaker Justin Sisely However, now Catarina is offering is offering her virginity through her website - Virgins, according to the reports in Huffington post. The bidding is open umtill December 12. Catrina says the minimum bid is $100,000 but she told brazillian website PurePeople that her target was $1.5 milliom. She said she pullede out the the original auction after she became suspicion about the deal.

American National Security Agency Has Saved A Huge Personal Data Of British Civilians

Electronically moniteering American Secret Agency, National Security Agency (NSA), has saved a huge personal data of British citizens under a deal with Britain government. According to the information provided to the media by former NSA official Edward Snowden, British authorities had an understanding with USA in 2007 that NSA official can save with them the telephonic conversatiin data, emails, or internet data of British civilians and can use for their experimentsor any other way. According to report, prior to 2007, it was prohibited for American authorities to use any sort of personal internet data of any British citizen but after 2007, the USA got permission and now it has a large quantity of personal data of many British civilians.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Miss Jail Beauty Pageant in Brazil

In a country known for its beauty-- both natural and human-- It appears that even the Brazil's convictee killers are on the eyes. a prison in Recife a city in the state of Pernambocu, recently held its inaugural Miss Jail Pageant, joining global list of contests for beauties behind the bars. Twelve contestants were judged for beauty, general knowledge and their good behaviour record. First prize includee $ 1,000 in cash to be deposited in winner's prison bank account. The winner of Miss Jail 2011 was 19-year-old convicted murderer Rebecca Rhayasa. Miss jail is the latest in growing trend. Prison beauty pageants have also been held in the Brazillian city of Rio de Janaeiro, as well as in Russia, Clombia and Lithuania.

In Pindi Incident 170 Persons Have Been Indentified Including 14 government Officials

170 persons have been pointed out on the 10th of Muharram in Rawalpindi's riots. These include 14 government officials. It is an important progress in the investigation processs. The video of the shops and other places set on fire was shown to the investigation committee. In the video one police official was sipping tea while SSP was present on thespot but no practical steps were take to control the sitiation. Several high ranking senior police officers have been made OSDs as punishment and 50 persons have been arrested through the help of CCTV footage. Similsarly the houses of 26 persons have also been identified. The persons arrested have been shifted to unknown places and they are being investigated. Most of the persons arrested are local residents of Sadiq Abad, Westridge and PirWadhai areas of Rawalpindi. However, the situation in the city is normal. But all the strets leading to Madrassa Taleem Ul Quran have been sealed, and rengers and police officials are present on these places. The markets ansd shops adjescent to Madraasa are closee yet including Mughal Sarai Market, Makka Cloth Market, and Pindi Market. However. Bara Market, Moti Bazar, Iqbal road, Urdu Bazar, including Chauk Fawara have been opened. While the road from Namak Mandi to Dingi Khoi is completely blocked. On other side Shia religious leaders have shown their non-confidence on the commission.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Veena Malik Has Announced To Marry Norwegian Businessman In 2015

Drama Queen Veena Malik has confirmed thar she will marry Umar Farooq, a Norwegian Muslim Businessman in 2015. The Indian mesia was giving news about Veena's marraiage with Umar Farooq and Veena has confirmed it through Twitter. Veena Malik had said in her interview once that being a Muslijm she will marry a Muslim man, and he may be from Dubai. Veena Malik met Umsr Farooq in Msarch 20213 through her friend in Dubai and they had been meting since then. Umar Farooq Proposed her and sbe accepted. May be true because 2015 is one a half year away yet.

Government Has Constituted A Special Court For Hearing Of Treason Case Againd Musharraf

Prime ministe has approved the constitution of special court to hesr treaso case aainst former president Parvez Musharraf. OIt will get funtional from today. Justice Faisal Aran from Sind High Court will be heading the two member bench including Justice Yawar Ali of Lahore high court and Justice Tahira Safdar fro Balochistan high court. The special will hear the case against Musharraf in Islamabad. Erlier, Chief Justice had sent summary of nominsating five judges from all he five high courts for hearing the case to ministery of law but PM approved three names. The famous advocate Sharif ud din Pirzada hass said that this is the most important case of the Pakistan history. Itbwill pave the way for opening a new Pandora Box that will unveil several hiden faces. Pirzada saifd that Muharraf had alredy revealed that he consulted al the four cour commanders, governorrs of all the four provinces and prominent political persons for imposing Emergncy Plus. He also said if Musharraf called him for assistance he will provide him the councilship.