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Monday, November 25, 2013

Iran Kneeing Down To World Powers On Uraniium Enrichment Issue

Iran and world powers agreed on a historic plan regarding controvercial isuue of Iran's nuclear program. World community has welcomes the agreement while Saudi Arabia and Israel showing strict reation have rejected it. Iran's dialogue with six world powers in Swittezerland met with success (as Obama said) and Iran will limit its nuclear program to 5 % enrichment of uranium during next six months. While Iran's atomic instalations will be kept open for world moniteering. In turn Iran will receive $ 7 billion from western countries and the United States to restore its economy during next six months. The santions already impose will be made lineant and no new santions will be impose on Iran. A statement issued from White House said tis initial agreement is for six months and Iran will limit its atomic program to a visible extent. Iran will get $ 5 billion from the sale of its petro chemicals, oil and fromprecious metals. Iran will also get back its frozen assetts in foregn bank worth Billions of dollars. However, Ira will have to prove full inplemevtation of the agreement. President Obama in his briefing said that it was first step toward making the world safest place. He said Iran has the right for peaceful atomic program, however, agreement carries solid limitations that will keep Iran away from making atomic weapons. Obama dded that Iran's atomic prgram was stoppeed for the first time in decdes, Iran can not proceed further in enhancing it but it will be shrunken from different sides. Iranian president Rohhani has said on his Twitter message that this consructive agreement has paved ways to new horizons. The foreign ministers of Iran, USA, Germany, France, Britain, China ansd Russia participatee in he dialogue. Saudi ambassador to Britain prince Muhammad Bin Nawaf Bin Abdul Aziz has said that Iran must be stopped on all costs from constructing nuclear weapons. He said we have all the options open to face any challenge from Iran. He sadded that the powers signing agreement must tell what would be the impacts of this understanding with Tehran. He said the lineancy policy with Iran would not work.

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