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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kris Jenner Has Not Ruled Out Dating Younger Men

Kris Jenner will 'kinow' when she finds love again, and has not ruled out dating younger men. Kris Jenner will 'know' when he finds love again. The 58-year-old TV personality announced her separation from 64-year-old husband Bruce Jenner after a 22-year msarriage earlier this year and has not ruled out finding love with a younger man. Talking on Entertainment Tonight she said, " I guess I will know when it happens. I have learned not to plan anything anymore." You find who you fall in love with in life. If they happen to be a certain age, they happen to be a certain age". Kris and Bruce "see each other every day" and the Olympic Medalist insists their break -up could not be more amicable. He previously said, "she supports me, I see her every day, we are doing absolutely great." The former couple are keen to stick together and help their biological Kendall, 18, and Kylie, 16, deal with the pressure of fame, after they hit the headlines accused of underage partying. Bruce explaned, sometimes it is very difficult. Sometimes the press will take some really, really tough shots at the family when they are not deserved and totally false, especially with my kids. " I do not care what they say about me, but when they stsart ragging on my kids for things that they are not doing and totally misinterpreting them, that really really bothers me to say the least."

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