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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Collagen--- A Source That Helps Slow Down The Aging Effects, But Be Careful Too

If it were possible to stop age at one stage then aging of the body would automatically stop but it is not possible and age passes and it leaves it signs and effects on the body of the living things. As the age goes on wear tear of the body is reflected more and clearly on face. The cruel pen of the time draws griefy lines on the face, continously. The slow movements of body parts indicate the aging of the body. Sometimes it happens that body remains young, energy is not lost but tissues are stretched and skin begins to sag and loosened. With the pqssage of time, the factor that cause our skin to sag and develop wrinkles are the gravitional forces of of earth and sunlight. The gravity affects more when with the aging chemical deterioration of proteins and minerals of the internal body takes place that result in the hanging of skin downward. The effects of aging can not be stopped but the effects can be minimized or delayed to some extent. It is said that genetic studies and research is being done in this regard butb this is still in experimental stage. The aging sign first of all are expressed on face in the forms of lines or wrinkles on face that get deeper with passage of time and at last a net of wrinkles is woven on face showing the person aged. The wrinkles may appear as inherited character but usually those working under the sun may develop these earlier too. With the passage of time skin looses elasticity and gets harder. Under the skin there exists a specific substance called "Collagen", as soon as the level of collagen decreases the skin loses its natural form and elasticity. The decrease in this substance the skin gets thinner and the fat layer beneath it is lost totally or is fallen inceasingly. The dermatologists suggest some measures that slows down the speed of this natural process or those who get wrinkles priorly can recover the elasticity of skin. Plastic and cosmetic surgeon use tissue fillers for the purpose. These tissue filler are composed of collagen. This substance is made up of human or animal fats. Some time the skin is levelled through stretching by plastic or cosmetic surgery. Some people hesitate to undergo surgery because cosmetic surgery as well as collagen injections are too expensive. Those people who avoid surgery must follow the methods given as;- *--- You have to do such a process that your body may regain the capability to produce the collagen that has fallen down. The easiest way is to take food supplements made up of collagen mixture. Make the calcium supplements a part of your daily diet, so that your bones get stronger. Collagen is found in human bones and cartilages. Collagen is available in the market in the form of tablets and liquid.The collagen supplements can also be had preparee with glucosamine and and chondrotoin. These supplements are also used in joints' pain and in arthritis problems. Collagen makes cartilages stronger and maintains their elasticity as well as it saves from the trouble of osteoarthritis. It is noteworthy that during the osteoarthritis trouble the defiency of calcium and other bone building substances occur and the body system starts stealing (using) the calcium of its own larger bones due to which bones get as thin as paper at a particular stage. Women usually suffe this trouble. If you are not suffering from osteoarthritis then you can take collagen hydrolysate or collagen peptide. However, it is important to remember that if you have determined to use collagen then you will have to take additional quantity of calcium. Because calcium increases the capability of collagen to be absorbed in the body. If you feel difficulty in deciding about the use of collagen then cdonsult your doctor. It is to remeber that after the use of calcium and collagen it will express its results sooner or later. However, it depends upon the system of your body. It is possible too thst your doctor may not allow you to take collagen then you can use collagen mixed cream externally. *-- Selection Of Cream:- You watch ads on your TV or other media that claims to make your skin and face younger and using such and such cream will make your face free of wrinkles or it will increase collagen beneath your skin, all these ads will confuse you and you would not be able to decide which cream to be purchased. It is necesssary to read the labels on the pack and see the ingredients, collagen may be present in the cream but other constituents may be ineffective, so watch for the following things in the cream's ingredients' list:- *-- Retinoid or Retinol is such a effective constituent that makes new cells under old skin thus resulting in new skin. Creams having this ingredient affects upper layer of skin and helps collagen to work effectively and gives face softness, strength and young look. Retinol hastens the process of collagen. *-- Some creams have Tretinoion which also helps collagen in making new cells. Its action is more effective than retinol. Those people for whom collagen-retinol creams do not affect properly, they can use tretinoion mixed compounds for better action, specially for those who have more deeper wrinkles.. *-- Copper peptides are also mixed with creams used for making skin fresh and younger. These copper peptides too enhance the production of collagen. Such creams heal the wounds too, in addition to making skin youthful. *--- Supportive Diets:- Use of collagen-creams are not enough only for your younger look but you have to adopt such things that your body itself be able tp produce collagen or can get from daily routine diets. Such creams and supplements can give shine of youth to your skin and can minimize your wrinkles but do not expect they will make you a young person of 20-year of age. Let us have a look on the diets that can increase the production of collagen. As any building is constructed with blocks , similarly the building of human body is constructed through keeping blocks over blocks- these blocks are called "amino acids". If your body gets deficient in these blocks that means your body is deficient in several things and production of collagen is due to amino acids. Threonine is the amino acids among other 20 amino acids present in the body that produces collagen. If body is not producing this amino acid in required quantity then you will have to include the diets that produces this acid. Then you will have to include pulses, beef, chicken in your menu in addition to using groundnut, apricot and nuts in appropriate quantity. Vegetarians can use green leaves, soyabeans, and asparagus. Dry fruits have important role in increasing the production of threonine. Other necessary amino acid is proline. The collagen production is affected by the deficiency of prolne even the required quantity of threonine is present. the difference is that threonine is a basic amino acid while proline is non-basic one. The later type of amino acids are made by the combination o other basic amino acids. This amino acid is obtained by the diets having more calories.To get increasd quantity of proline the use of cheese, milk, meat, butter, soyabean and cabbage is useful. Proline when combines with vitamin C, more collagen is produced. vitamin C is obtained from citrus fruits including kino, oranges and lemon. *-- Disadvantages Of Excessive Use Of Collagen:- It is correct that collage is good for keeping your skin younger, but "excess of everything is bad" too. Collagen belongs to fibrous family. This plays an important role in the building blocks of skin. Not only this but it is also essential for bones, teth, lower parts of knees, and other tissues. Now, let us have a look on the disadvantages of execess of collage in the body. Taking higher doses of collagen supplements or for a longer time can increase the quantity of calcium in the body than required, which is called " hypercalcemia". Collagen tablets contain the constituents obtained from natural sea food. For example the catilages of shark or shell fish are included in collagen tablets that have a high level of calcium. The more deposition of calcium in the body can cause constipation, pains of bones, turedness, vomiting and iregular heart beat. Increased use of collagen supplement can enhance sensitivity and body can suffer lack of resistance and immunity against different allergies. Collagen supplements obtained from sea sources can make your taste bad for which use of citrus fruits is useful. So be young always with COLLAGEN but with care.

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