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Friday, November 8, 2013

Sometimes Women Stuff Weird Items In Bras

Some women stuff their bras with tissues, while others keep spare $ 20 in there. However, this is where you will find some stranger things that have been buries in brassieres- including animals. *-- Woman Hiding 75 Baby Snakes In Her Bra
A woman in Stockholm, Sweden tried to smuggle about 75 slithery snakes onto a plane by hiding them in her bra. Officials nabbed her before she could snake her way onto the aircrsft after seeing her repeatedly scratching her chest. *-- A Monkey In Woman's Bra It is not often that you see tiny mormoset dressed in a pink and white dress, but it even a better day when you see said monkey plucked out of a woman's bra inside the courthouse. That actually occured inside Virginia
courthouse in 2011, when a woman arrived for a hearing in Juvinile and Domestic Relations Court, began filling out some paperwork, and then proceeded to pull her daughter "Cara", a 7-week-old mormoset, out of her bra. Cara was allowed to stay in the courthouse. There is no word about how the hearing went on. *-- Cocaine-Filled Breast Implants:- When the breasts themselves contain more than a kilo of cocaine, something is up. Spanish officials questioned a woman travelling from Bogota, Columbia to Barcelona, as a part of routine rigorous pasenger checks to fight drug smuggling. However, when the woman gave vague answers, acted suspicious and was found with fresh scars
and blood-stained bandages on her chest, she was escorted to a hospital to verify her claim of recent breast-implant surgery. Her claim surely was verified and so was 1.38 kg cocaine found inside her implants. *-- A Meth Scale In Woman's Bra:- What good is having drugs stuffed in your bra if you do not know how much product you are carrying? Pebbles Picabo Lindsay, a 19-year-old girl from Twin falls, Idaho was one step ahead of others in the narcotics biz;
she reportedly kept her meth scale inside her bra. Lindsay was hauled into the station for allegedly obstructing justice during the poice pursuit, so she promptly told the cops she had measuring device in her bra A thorough search allegedly produced a silver and black scale which reportedly tested positive for methamphetamine.

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