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Thursday, November 14, 2013

POETRY== Hayat e Gumgashta (Lost Life)--12

*-- Kia Yaad Tujhay Bhi Ayey Hein Do you remember too *-- Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha There was a boy and a girl *-- Ek Larki Jo Udas See Thee Aur Larka Gham Ka Mara Tha The girl was crushed by griefs and the boy was the target of cruel traditions *-- Pahunch Kay Doosray Mulk Woh Larka Khoya Khoya Rahta Tha On reaching he foreign country the boy used to feel that he had lost every thing *-- Tanhai Mein Bus Woh Apnay Dil Say Batein Karta Tha He used to talk to his heart in solitude *-- Jis Mein Larki Rahti Thee The heart in which the girl resided *-- Aakhoon Mein laey Shamaen Roshan Woh Dil Mein Us Kay Bhathi Thee The girl was sitting in his heart with lightening candles of hope in her hands *-- Woh Aankhein Aik Sawali Thein The eyes of the girl were begging "when you will return home" *-- Sawal Un Piari Aankhoon Ka Mehmeez Saa Sabit Hota Hae The question of her sweet eyes proves to be lash for the boy *-- Larkay Ko Hosh Mein Lata Hae This question brings him to senses *-- Larka Phir Taaleem Ki Rah Pay Lagta Hae The boy then gets busy in gaining knowledge and education full time *-- Kia Yaad Tujhay Bhi Atey Hein *-- Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha (Continued) Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir

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