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Monday, November 11, 2013

An Egyptian Molested A Nightclub Receptionist After Taking Her Home For Dinner

An Egyptian assistant manager allegedly molested a receptionist after inviting her and her friends at his flat for dinner, The Dubai Criminal Court heard. The victim SO, 23, Britisg, went to a nightclub with her two friendson April 3, 2013. The three met the accused MA, 37, who offered them to accompany him to his flat for dinner. At around 5 am they wante to leave but could not due to fog. The accused offered them to sleep in his room. The victim went to his room and slept on accused's bed with her friend EA, 26, a Latvian waitress. "When I got up, I got raged, I saw the accused lying next to me and my clothes were down my knees. I pulled up my dress and I went down to inform the security who called the police," She told investigators. Her friend EA who was sleeping on ither side of the bed, woke up first at saround 730 am and she wake up her while accused was reclining next to the victim in the same blanket and was awake. When she woke up she jumped from the bed and was half naked--her underwear and skirt was below her knees. So she got up very upset and started shouting and crying while the accused asked her about what happened-- she pulled up her dress and went down the building and informed the police," EA told the investigators. Forensic report indicated the DNA of the victim underneath nails of the accused. The DNA of the accused was found on the victim's privatev parts.

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