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Sunday, November 3, 2013

News And Views--- Sunday, Nov 03, 2013

*-- We Will stop NATO supply, whether our government is retained or ended. It is known now by drone strikes that who wanted dialogue with Taliban and who did not. --- Imran Khan *-- The USA had assured not to carry out drone attacks during dialogue with Taliban. American Ambassador was called in foreign office. We will review our relations with the USA--- Nisar *-- We will revenge from Ameriica in Afghanistan within three days-- Haqqani network *-- Taliban leaders have endorsed the name of 'Sajna' for the chief of TTP. He got 43 votes out 63. *-- After the desath of headof banned TTP, rangers have been deployed in Margalla Hills in Islamabad. NOGs in Dera Ismail Khan (KPK) have been asked to leave offices. It is one of the most sensitive town during Muharram month and this time more risk of blasts and other terrorists' activities exist in D I Khan. Army has also been deployed on police check posts in D I Khan. *-- The USA has initiated work on inventing floating as well flying drones. This modern drone will be deployed under sea but can come on the surface and can fly, if needed. Defence Advance Research Agency is providing funds for the project. General sectetary *-- Russian tennis star Sherapoa and her boyfriend Gragor are expecting baby very soon. *-- Indian congress has termed termed Nrendar Modi and BJP a Hindu version of Taliban. General secretary of the party ha Gorbucha Singh has said they will never let the succeeed people running politics of hatred. but congress and BJP are the chips of the same bundle, it is no less than BJP in doing the politics of hatred. This statement is only issued to gain the sympathies of minorities , specially of Muslims in coming elections. *-- The drone attacks arfe being done to make the KPK gocernment unsuccessfulful. Imran Khan must stop the NATO supply, I will be the first person to stand in front whether I am killed.--- Jamshaid Dasti MNA *-- The spy dogs failed in the examination given by railway police to search and detect explosives. The dogs ran behind cats instead of serching for explosives. Similarly, eralier eight dogs were also unsuccessful in the exam. *-- Pakistan-born British minister Saeeda Warsi has opposed the ban on wearing 'Hijab' by Muslim women in Britain. She said it is the right of Muslim women in a free society like that of Britain. *-- The 'friendship bus" plying between Pakistan and India came and returned empty due having no passenger, from Amritsar (India)to Nankana Sahib (Pakistan).

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