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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pigeons Are Fed Prohibited Drugs To Enhance Performance In Flying Competitions

The people having interests in sports are familiar with the word "Doping". This is when sportsmen use prohibited drugs to enhance their performance. Accoding to sports rules the use of prohibited drugs is prohibited. Up till now people have been hearing about the word 'doping'for games like foorball, cycling, cricket, and atletics but you will be astonished to know that innocent birds like pigeons are fed the drugs for enhancing their flying stamina. "pigeon racing world' got anxious when in South African laboratory doping results of these birds were positive. Pigeon rearing and racing competition is the among the most ancient games.The fans of this game are found in nearly every region of the world. Flying competitions of the pigeions are held at national levels in various countries. The pigeons that remains flying for more time in the sky is is declared as the winner and its owner is given a heavy amount of money as award. Like many countries rearing pigeons is very much popular in Belgium and is an profitable profession. The pigeon that can flying for a longer hours in the sky is sold at a very high price. This year in May a pigeon "Bolt' named after the 100-meter race world record holder Yusin Bolt, was sold to Chinese businessman at $ 4,20,000. No pigeon was sold at such a high price in the world by now. It can be guessed that how much profitable business of pigeon rearing is in Belgium. A pigeon racing organisation exists in Belgium called "Pigeon Fancies Association". This association organises pigeon races on national level. This association sent 25 blood samples of pigeons to a laboratory in South Africa for dupe test. The members of the association got stunned when they saw the results of dupe test. Pigeons have been fed cocaine and other pain killer drugs so that they can flying for a longer time. According to results a drug 'mobislix' particles were found in the 5 blood samples of pigeion. This drug is is a pain killer. Other pigeons had cacaine particles in their blood. The 'Pigeon Fancies Association" can not take any action against the owners of pigeons as the samples were take withoiut identity. After the news published in media, the demands about new rules and laws of doping have increased. The national level racing competitiion will be held next season in belgium.

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