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Friday, November 15, 2013

Victoria's 10 Million Dollars Secret Fantasy Bra

The bras have been worn by some of the supermodels in the biz; have enough bling to light up New York City.and cost millions of dollars. We are tsalking about the Victoria's famous Scret fantasy Bra and blonde beauty Candice Swanepoel happened to be the lucky angel chosen for to wear this year's $ 10 million rendition that took 500 hours, 12 men and four months to build. Woh!. The reporter covering all the actions on pink carpet for the annual Victoria Secret fasion show in Big Apple, wher she (reporter) got the secret behind what happened to the oh-so-expensive lingerie after the katwalk. According to the designer himself, who is a ritzy jewelry designer, ,it is actually surprisingly difficult to find buyer due to the hefty price and the fact that it is costume made for one person's body. The designer said he had designed 12 bras in the past 12 years for Victoria's Secret and revealed, "no one ever bought it." Just because there have not been any buyers for the pricey lingerie. It does not mean that people are not still interested in seeing what it looks like. According to a manager in the Victoria's Secret in Herald Square in NYC, in previous years the diamond bras have travelled to various stores across the country.

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