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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lara Logan CBS's News Chief Still Under Pressure For Report About Benghazi Consulate Attack

Lara Logan, CBS' News chief foreign correspondent mistakem "60 Minutes" report about a supposed eyewitness to the Benghazi consulate attack has pou Logan under pressure. According to the local media report despite two-on-air apologies, including one Sunday night on "60 minutes", Logan, 42, has come in for widesoread critism and demands for more complete explaination of how her Oct 27 report went so wrong. Until last week's unpleasantness, the Washington-based journalist has lived an almost made-for-TV idea of a foreign correspondant. Glamorous and intense she has reported- and reported well-from combsat zones in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and ascross the Middle East for years. Logan has not only become controversial due to her journalistic role but she is also making headlines for globetrolling lifestyle and striking looks. Her relsationship with a security contractor in Iraq, Joseph Berkett, became the subject of gossip columns in 2008. Logan and Berkett were married to others at the time, although both were separated from their spouses when their relationship began. They msrried in 2008 and live in Cleveland Park. Logan has also been outspoken about some of the stories she has covered. After Rolling Stone pubslished a story by Michael Hastings in 2010, in which aides to Gen Stanley A. McChrystal criticised Washington's civilian leadership of the war in Afghanistan, Logan rushed to defenn McChrystal " Michael Hastings has never served his country the way PcChrystal has," she told CNN. According to the Washington Post, " Last year, she offered some unusually blunt public comments about the American response to the Benghzi attacks. Speaking to a civic group in chicago, after a month the compound was assaulted on September 11, 2012, Logan scoffed at the Obama Administration's intial statements about the incident as a spontaneous protest that spun into violence". "When I look at what is happening in Libya, there is a big song and dance about whether this was a protest or terrorists' attack," she said. "And you jusr want to scream. For God's sake, Are you kidding me? The last time we were attacked like this was the USS Cole, which was prelude to the 1998 embassy bombing, which was a prelude to 9/11. And you are sending in the FBI to investigate? I hope to God that you sending your best clandestine warriors who are going to exact revenge and let the world know that the Unites States will not be attacked on its own soil, its embassadors will not be murdered, and United States will not stand by and do nothing about it."

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