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Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Teenage Girl Grows New Face On Her Breast

The chinese girl had disfured her face in a burning accident 12 years ago. Thanks to new technology and scientific advancements, a Chinese girl with a disfigured face grew a new face on her breast. Twelve years ago, as a five-year-old, the girl had horribly disfigured her face in a fire that broke out in her fishing village. According to report in Daily Mail, now, after a wait of more than a decade, the youngster is able to smile after a facial reconstruction surgery in Fugian. Doctors transplanted a blood vessel from Jianmei's leg into her chest tnen inserted a water -filled baloon to stretch the skin of her chest. This skin provided the graft for her new face. The surgery was conducted free of cost as Jianmei's parents were unable to afford the cost. "With her new face she will be able to express herself in a more prioicise way. She will be even able to blush when her emotions change, but it will take a long time." doctor Jiang told the Daily Mail. "First we took a piece of blodd vessel fascia from her thigh and implanted it in her chest. Then we inserted a skin expander beneath the part of the skin where the blood vessel fascia was planted, so that part could expand and produce enough skin for her new face" he added.

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