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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Yasir Arrafat Was Poisoned--- Swiss Scientists Solved The Enigma Of His Death

Suha Araafat, the widow of Yasir Arrafat who belongs to Malta, had requested Swiss scientists on July 31, 2012 to investigate further the remains of Yasir Araafat because Suha said, French, Palestinian and Russian experts' research revealed that her deceased husband's death occured due to "plotonium " poison. Accoording to the report of Alarabia Tv, Swiss government decided to carry out investigation with more responsiblity, care and attention on the request of Suha. The task of tests was handed over to the experts of Radiology Laboratory of Laseen University Hospital of Switzerland. A team of 50 experts issued a 108-page detailed report in curent month (November) after keenly, minutely and carefully testing the remains of late Yasir Araafat that says the investigation had confiremed deceased death by feeding a fatal poison "plotonium 210". The report was issued with the signatures of 10 experts of the Hospital Center of Daiwoos University. Reoort said that toxilogical and radio toxicological new study of the samples of Yasir's remains unexpectedly indicated the effets of most dangerous radio active poison 'plotonium 210' The report also denied the media report that late Yasir Araafat died of smoking. But report revealed 18-20 percent level of plotonium in the bones and muscles of the deceased. It has been confirmed that Yasir Araafat was poisoned and was killed. But who was responsible for it? Palestinian authority, French doctors or Israel? This element is only available with the state that is involved in atomic activities because it is only in very little quanty available with the countries having nuclear wea[pons. Who can have this metal then except and who can have serious enemity with Yasir Araafat thn Israel.

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